WordPress Development Service Over Everything: 13 Reasons Why

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Hexode IT Solutions > Blog > Uncategorized > WordPress Development Service Over Everything: 13 Reasons Why

Meta Description: If you are looking for the best WordPress development service, Hexode IT Solutions bring to you the top 13 reasons why WordPress is best and the services offered.

WordPress Development Service Over Everything: 13 Reasons Why

Suppose you are new to the world wide web and wanting to build your website. In that case, the WordPress development service is the most accessible and most convenient option. WordPress is very flexible, and it is one of the best content management systems to exist. Most of us use WordPress for blogging purpose only. For some, it is a fantastic programming technology. Some people use it for custom WordPress development services.

However, it might be used, and there is no denying that it is the leading and most powerful CMS in today’s day. And very deservingly so because WordPress development service can do almost anything and become anything according to your needs and if you know how to use it. There are so many features it offers that can escalate your website and business. I listed below 13 awesome things you must know about WordPress: a developer, a business owner, or just curious is general.

WordPress is much more than blogging:

Even though WordPress development service started as a simple blogging website, with time, it grew. It has become a platform for building a website. Developers found out that it can be very versatile. Putting the cherry on top, you do not require any coding skill to create and maintain a website built on WordPress. The custom WordPress development service allows one to customize everything about your website according to your requirement. In today’s day, you can create a simple website for small business and a whole multinational e-commerce site as well with WordPress.

WordPress has something for everyone:

If you think you will only need WordPress skills if you are a tech Geek, a developer, you are wrong. WordPress can be beneficial for entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers and writers. If you are an entrepreneur starting a new business with wp skill, you can go a long way. If you are building your site, setting up WordPress, and custom WordPress development services like customizing the theme, installing a plugin, save you a fortune. For marketers, creating a landing page is an essential process. Different plugins within custom WordPress development services let you create a fantastic page to advertise your products without the coding knowledge and help of a developer. 

Popular brands that use WordPress development service:

If you are having second thoughts about building a WordPress site, here’s what you need to know.

There are some successful brands with unique websites that use WordPress. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN’s blogs are developed on WordPress. The new yorker, the following web used WordPress as well.

There are magazines like Vogue, Rolling Stones, MTV, Facebook newsroom, Harvard business reviews on WordPress development service. 

You have seen these sites, and you can figure out how powerful WordPress is to host them.

Custom WordPress development service: Plugins:

One of the best features that WordPress Development Service provides has to be the plugin function of a custom WordPress development service. Plugins expand the functionality of WordPress. WordPress

 has built-in programs for you to get anything you want to be done without the hassle of writing a code from scratch. There are various free plugins that you can use to do anything virtually, and there are premium plugins for advanced tasks that you need to pay for. Currently, WordPress Development Service has over 45000 free plugins in their directory.  

Since WordPress is an open-source platform built on PHP language, you can customize any plugin according to your needs if you have a grasp of the language. You can also develop your plugin from scratch with some coding work.

Some of the most popular and valuable plugins from custom WordPress development service is – 

          a. Price estimator: 

 It is an excellent tool for automating estimation procedure. You can sell any service or product with the price estimator plugin. 

         b. Multilayer Parallax:

   This multilayer parallax plugin lets you combine pretty parallax sections with multiple layers.

Some other WordPress plugins are – Live chat, WordPress knowledge base/help desk, social content locker, WordPress social stream, advertising manager and WordPress automatic content aggregator.

These are the most common WordPress plugins that are massively used. Apart from the ones mentioned, there are numerous in-built plugins by WordPress and customized plugins by developers. 

Membership Sites on WordPress Development service:

As I mentioned, plugins from the Custom WordPress development service can do wonders if you know how to utilize them. Many free plugins let you make a premium membership feature. Creating a premium paid site and offering contents to only registered member can make you a lot of money. Initially, you hide content and give only a sneak peek and request a subscription. Then show content to members after payment is successful. There are plugins like Content registration, membership in wordless development service that allow you to develop such a platform. They can be used to create paid or even a free membership site. One of the most popular membership plugins from a custom WordPress development service is Ultimate Membership Pro. This well-known free plugin helps you create a subscription; it works with various levels of exclusive access for website visitors or members, depending on free and paid packages.

IT IS FREE, yes you heard me right:

If you are an entrepreneur who’s building their first site, you do not have many budgets. Hiring a web developer, building a website can burn a hole in your pocket. WordPress is an open-source platform that is entirely free. It does not cost a thing, and additionally, you can alter the codes however you wish. You do not have to buy any additional license for multiple pages, no matter what kind of website. 

Putting the cherry on the top, you can build premium plugins with a custom WordPress development service, and you can earn extra money from that. Sounds like a fantastic deal, huh?

WordPress development skills can land you many jobs:

Spending a few hours every day on WordPress will let you acquire all the WordPress development skills you will need to land a high paying job. Suppose building your own company is not what you wish to achieve, and your goal is to work in the corporate sector as an employee. In that case, there is an abundance of jobs that require WordPress development skills. You can submit your resume to agencies that own WordPress websites. They hire people to create their sites and managing them. Learning WordPress will also guarantee you jobs in the marketing or designing fields. 

Custom WordPress development service for feedback system:

You may need to depend on customer feedback for some of your endeavours. Plugins are your solution to that too. Plugins enhance the performance of WordPress drastically. There are various free plugins that allow you to create a feedback system on your site. Customers, visitors can share their opinion, check the suggestion box, and participate in polls. This feature is beneficial for developing companies.

Beneficial for freelancers:

If you think learning and mastering in WordPress development service are only applicable for job applicants, you are mistaken. While that has many scopes, being a WordPress specialist will get you a lot of freelance work. You can offer basic theme customizing or site building services for decent pay. With more specialization, you can earn a lot more if you customize full sites plus do all the back end web developing. There is an ocean of opportunities waiting for you. 

Apart from that, a custom WordPress development service has interesting plugins like Freelancer Office CRM and Project Management system. It is a fantastic tool for managing small businesses. Freelancer Office is a straightforward and valuable web-based project management tool to manage projects. It has a time tracking option. You can do so much with this tool, like track your tasks and monitor your work. You can estimate and invoice with this plugin. You can manage your expenses, share files and discussions, send private messages, payments and anything that your small business may need help with.

WordPress development service for Intranet sites:

I cannot stress this enough; custom WordPress development service plugins are the prime reason for WordPress’s rapid growth and success.  What people already know is that there are thousands of plugins that increase the functionality of WordPress. But there is more to them and what they have to offer. WordPress plugins can be excellent for back-end developments according to the company’s requirement. WordPress plugins can do tasks like customer relationship management software, tracking issues and even all in one intranet. If you do not wish to pay a lot of money to service providers for these apps, self-hosting is a fantastic way to save money every year. Especially if you can manage the plugins all by yourself, you are in for a treat.

You will not need years to start earning with WordPress development service:

Unlike other skills, you do not need ample time to learn WordPress and master skills before starting freelancing to earn money. Three months is more than enough time for you to learn WordPress development service and get sufficient skills. You can initially take up simple and basic jobs like setting up a site, customizing themes, designing sites. That should take even less than three months. Afterwards, with advanced skills, you can manage back-end programming and customize a fully developed WordPress site. The more assignments you finish, the more you become skillful. Then in no time, you can grab a job in big brands that use WordPress sites.

WordPress development service provides you money without actual client:

I am still talking about plugins, yes. Custom WordPress development service is a great money-making option. With premium themes and paid plugins, you can make a large amount of money within a brief period and with minimal effort by creating and selling. Large companies now like Woo Themes created a whole company to do business with premium themes and plugins. They started in 2008 from scratch. A few times back, WordPress’s parent company Automattic bought the Woo Themes company for reportedly $30 million. You do not necessarily have to build an agency; independent designers make thousands of dollars every month by designing premium themes and plugins. 

Hence, if you want a flexible career and more miniature work or effort or business deals and client management, you can earn great money from selling pre-made themes and plugins. That way, you do not work a lot, you do not have clients to deal with directly, and you are not anyone’s employee. You do not answer to anyone. 

WordPress sites are hassle-free, convenient to manage:

Compared to regular websites, the WordPress development service provides a straightforward and easy management process for both client’s side and maintenance wise. Since WordPress started in 2003, it has been around for a long time now. The online community is vast, and there is a lot of documentation available on the web. So, any difficulties you may have, chances are somebody else has been there before and probably solved it already. So, you get free support from the community for all your complications. Other than that, if you face a problem you cannot figure out on your own or with the help of the online community, there are developers whom you can hire for minimum cost. They provide premium support for challenging problems. 

So, you will never feel like you are alone in this. You will never have an issue so big that it makes you want to smash your head on the wall.

 Developing a fully functional website quickly can be a difficult task. No other platform offers as many features as WordPress development service does. The versatility of WordPress cannot be competed with. You may think you have learnt everything about WordPress. Still, you can always dive deeper and discover some rare features from the Custom WordPress development service. 

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