Top 10 WordPress Security Checklist 2021

Security tricks to secure your WordPress website
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WordPress development services are widely known and used as a popular CMS (Content Management System). It powers more than 30% of the total websites present online. With the increase of usage and popularity of WordPress development services, hackers and security penetrators have been targeting the most valuable WordPress websites available online. So, the need for a WordPress security checklist to make sure that the websites are secure 24×7.


Importance of  WordPress Security Checklist

In this contemporary world, multiple attempts are made by hackers and competitors to bring your business down, even destroy it. With various tricks and techniques, they can steal your crucial things such as passwords, customer database, and even install malicious software, which can harm your business ROI and reputation. Being a business owner, you need to take care of such issues and protect your website at all costs.

The steps these hackers take cannot be viewed by daily web users and don’t impact the working functionality of your website. Here is a WordPress security checklist that will make sure that your website is secure 24×7.


WordPress development services: Security tricks to secure your WordPress website


1. Choose a good web hosting service

The most important thing to consider while making your website is to choose the best web hosting service. You would come across various web hosting services that offer cheaper rates. Still, in reality, they lack proper security measures. Never opt-in for the cheaper route. It might look at the time your purchase the hosting service that you saved a lot of money.

Still, when your business makes a reputation for itself, it would be on the vulnerable side due to the lack of security measures. Many web hosting service providers also have specific plans for WordPress development services. 


2. Suitable and secure theme


Using a CMS such as WordPress development services, you can select from a wide range of themes. With WordPress, there are almost 30,000 themes from which you can choose. There are a variety of free themes and a few premium ones.

While the free themes would cost you nothing, the premium themes are coded by highly skilled WordPress developers. They are made available only after passing several security tests. These themes also receive frequent updates from time to time and ensure that your website stays updated with the latest security features.


3. Importance of having an SSL certificate


To put this point simply, whenever you enter a piece of sensitive information onto a website, it is transferred to the server. Suppose you do not have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

In that case, all the sensitive data will get transferred as plain text over the network. This would make such data vulnerable and open to whoever wants to read it. So whenever we install an SSL certificate to our WordPress development service, the sensitive information would be transferred after being encrypted.


4. Plugins


WordPress development services and various other CMS has multiple plugins to increase the security of your website. WordPress development services have every plugin for you, from cleaning out spam comments and backlinks to SEO-related and security-related plugins.

Adding a security-related plugin to your website would ensure that proper site checkups and monitoring malware and spam are kept in check. There is no need for any technical knowledge when it comes to implementing these plugins. Using the best security plugins for your WordPress website is necessary when maintaining the area of security for your business.


Some of the best security plugins for your website are as follows:

  • Jetpack Security
  • BulletProof Security
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • Sucuri
  • iThemes Security Pro

5. Strong credentials

One of the most critical assumptions is the username for logging into WordPress administration for your website. This data consists of the email address, which is entirely predictable and gives hackers an open point of access.

We suggest that you should use a different user name apart from your email address. And about passwords, use a solid alphanumeric password without the presence of your name or email in it. 

6. Login page

Having robust credentials is a plus point, but have you ever noticed that every WordPress website has This is what hackers target, and they have the necessary page they want to hack into. This is the default URL assigned for the login page for your WordPress website, but it can be changed. We advise that you change it to a different URL, making it untraceable to outside users. 

7. Presence of multiple users

Suppose your website has multiple users and guest writers. In that case, it means opening the admin panel to numerous users, which poses a severe threat to your website. Having multiple users means two different credentials, locations for hackers to attempt. With the help of a robust password generator plugin, ensure that all the passwords are strong for every user. 

8. Login attempts

After changing the login URL, WordPress development services allow you to set several attempts for making a login successful. There is also a plugin available which enables two-factor authentication for any login purpose.

If you use both of these tools, your WordPress website would be safe from multiple attacks, and even if someone tries to log in to your website, the two-factor authentication would have you covered. If you notice any login attempt that is not yours, block those IPs on the safe side. 

9. Secure database

It is always advised that different passwords should be used for different accounts, and the same goes for WordPress login details and database credentials. The database is an essential aspect of your WordPress development services since it holds every piece of data you have.

Having at least one symbol in your password would ensure maximum security with your login credentials. You can use various password generators to create such alphanumeric solid passwords to keep your credentials secure. 

10. Backup and update

We strongly suggest that you implement these two operations frequently: Website Data Backup and check for updates. Having a backup is good when you try to stay on the safe side.

While checking and installing new updates to your WordPress website, you would remain in a secure area with new and improved functionalities and code. You should also monitor your files, log details, URLs, login attempts, etc., to provide you with valuable insights regarding your site.

Having the above checkpoints to ensure successful WordPress development services will help you to protect your website to the maximum extent. Suppose you do not take care of these WordPress security checklist. In that case, you are simply making your website vulnerable to potential threats and hackers!