How to Start a WordPress Blog in RIGHT WAY in 7 Easy Steps(2021)

Steps to create a blog in WordPress
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Knowing about WordPress can be confusing and nerve-racking for many beginners, especially when you want to start a blog but are not that geeky. WordPress is made for bloggers, creators and people who wish to start their business online. Because if in 2021 you are running any business, it is imperative to have an impressive online presence. 

WordPress offers you a high-quality website and popular content management today. Today more than 60% of websites are created by WordPress. It is an open-source platform that gives you features like no one else. WordPress offers you a custom WordPress development service. Some companies work as WordPress development service providers to rely on the experts for the websites.

Now, when you know what WordPress can do for you, may you think about how you can start a WordPress blog in the right way? Do not worry. We have a solution for that. This blog will help you with the seven easy steps you will need in 2021 to start your WordPress blog. 

But first, What do we need to start a WordPress blog? 

Before you create a WordPress blog, there are three things that you should keep in mind.

It would be best to decide on your blog name, which will also be your WordPress domain name.

Web hosting account – before you start a blog, you need a place for hosting your blog. Find the perfect hosting plan according to your budget on WordPress.

Steps to create a blog in WordPress

If you want to create a blog in WordPress, we have step by step process which you can follow – 

1.Setting up your WordPress blog 

 The first question which arrives in our mind is, what if we choose the wrong blogging platform? WordPress is a self-hosted website which means it is free to use. 

The experts of  WordPress development services or any professional who works in custom WordPress development services know that it is easy to make money through word press without any restrictions. You will need a Hosting and Domain name. Hosting is the engine that powers your site, and your domain is your permanent address. 

For your convenience, you can choose a WordPress host because it is personally tested by WordPress professionals and offers you the desirable reliability.

You can get the hosting solution by Bluehost. Open up Bluehost, click on get started, select the plan as per your choice, enter your website’s domain name, and add the account information. You will get the web hosting plan. 

2.Install WordPress 

Installing WordPress is not a big deal. When you sign up for Bluehost, it takes you through the process of installing WordPress on your new site. If you don’t see the set-up wizard, go to the My sites area of WordPress and click on Create Site button to create your WordPress site. After that, all you need to do is fill up everything, and you will make your account.

3.The appearance of your blog 

It is essential to have an appealing theme for your blog because the colors and design can play a vital role in representing your brand. Customizing the theme of your blog and feel can be very exciting, and some experts have expertise in custom WordPress development services and Custom WordPress development services. There are thousands of pre-made themes that you can install and make your blog presence better. 

To do this, you can click on Add themes on your WordPress blog, and you will be introduced to thousands of themes and designs. Select the design per your choice and then click on Install and then click on Activate to launch the theme. After that, you can also customize your theme. 

4.Create your first blog 

You must be excited after creating your website, and now it is time to make your first blog. 

To create your first blog, Click on Posts and then Add New menu in the WordPress dashboard. 

There you can see an editor area where you can write your first blog. 

There will be several options like category and tag that you can use to organize your post section. After adding pictures, texts, and whatever you need, you are ready to publish your post. 

5.Customizations and plugins 

Where there are WordPress development services and Custom WordPress development services that can help you in customizations, you need not do it yourself. When your first post is ready for blog, and now you want to add other elements like contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, and other features, you do not have to worry about it. WordPress plugins allow you to add all the features without writing a code. You will have 58,000 WordPress plugins which you will get free, and with this, you can design it the way you want. 

6.SEO optimization for your WordPress blog 

WordPress website development service providers help you with their expertise. If you are a beginner, you may not know the importance of SEO for your blogs. Search engines help your audience find your blog, so it is crucial to optimize your blog. If you want traffic on your blog, SEO is an essential factor.

For this, you need to install and activate the All-in SEO plugin. This is a complete SEO plugin that will help you in optimizing your blog. Write proper keywords and meta descriptions, add schema marks, and a lot more. 

7.Contact Form in WordPress

The most important part of your website is Contact Form. This form allows your users to email you directly, which can drive traffic to your website. To do that, you will need – WordPress builder plugin to add the contact form to your website. If you want to use the free version, you can try WPforms login. It is nowadays a popular plugin in WordPress. If you’re going to install it, you can go to the Wpforms plugin, then click on add new.  Then you have to click on Install and then activate. 

You will be able to activate the plugins, and after that, you can click on WPForms and then Add a new page to create your first form.

The experts of WordPress development services and Custom WordPress development services can help you with these issues. Still, if you want, you can dig deeper and create the WordPress form and use it to drive traffic to your website. 


These are some ways that can help you and give you the right idea without missing out on anything. You can use the platform with various plugins and themes, which is affordable and gives you complete control of your website. There is no limitation to your creativity, and you can use everything by WordPress. After you monetize your blog, you can easily look for better plans and plugins as per your choice and benefit from WordPress. But as a beginner, WordPress is a place where you can be self-sufficient, creative, earn and design without learning about coding.

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