successfully delivered multiple projects on motion graphics and VFX


Hexode IT Solutions offers multimedia solutions and VFX services which helps to create a brand name for any business.  VFX Studio in Meerut provides rich, multimedia design solutions to businesses that help them to outreach customers with their creative and eye-catchy designs.

VFX Studio in Meerut

Top-Notch Project Management Techniques

  • We at Hexode IT Solutions are equipped with the best VFX designers in the industry, so quality is something you shouldn’t worry about.
  • We have successfully delivered multiple projects on motion graphics and VFX. Our primary aim is to keep our clients on top priority and provide them with the best services they can ever attain! 
  • VFX and Motion Graphic are not limited to movies and games only. These services are now being used in various industries.
  • The VFX used in a video depends on several aspects including- the quality and content of the video.
  • We have survived through the cutting-edge competition with the help of the right mix of Motion Graphics and VFX.
  • Furthermore, We will create engaging and accessible videos that audiences look for. Eventually, we will create a one brilliant product for your business that will make your customers’ heads turn! 
  • We at Hexode IT Solutions strive for creating design-driven motion graphics and VFX. When it comes to our services, we provide one of the best VFX services worldwide.
  • We mix design and creativity in the videos and help tell a convincing brand story. We have vast experience in this line of work since we have been doing this for 5+ years.
  • Therefore, We develop awesome solutions for our clients. Once you come to us for our VFX Studio in Meerut, our innovative team would surely amaze you!

Benefits Of Choosing Us As Your VFX Service Provider

If you come to us for top-notch VFX designing services, you need not worry about quality in any way. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your VFX Studio provider: 

  • 10+ team of qualified visualizers, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, etc.
  • ISO quality delivery processes
  • Skilled VFX artists proficient in high-end VFX software
  • Work in your own time zone
  • Fluent English speaking Account Managers


Nothing grabs attention like a moving image. There has never been a better time to look at motion as a way to create a point of interest with your customers. Therefore, the need for an effective VFX animation service  is important for your business.

The cost for a VFX animation service depends on various factors. There is a daily rate that is charged if projects need to be done on a daily basis. However, we also have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to the costs.