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Shopify Development

Hexode IT Solutions is a leading Shopify Development Services in Meerut providing customized e-commerce solutions across the globe. Our agency is known for technical excellence, a dedicated in-house team of Shopify developers, and a proactive development working procedure.

Being an expert Shopify Development Services in Meerut, we design and provide highly personalized Shopify stores for businesses of all sizes. We follow the best coding practices in the industry for the best and efficient mobile-centric Shopify e-commerce stores.

Shopify Development Services in Meerut

Shop Creation

We offer a fast and reliable Shopify setup and configuration service for your online store. Within no time, your Shopify store would be ready and functional. Our services are trustworthy, and over the past five years, we have served hundreds of clients for a fast and efficient online store for your business requirements. We even install responsive themes to ensure that a customer receives user-friendly shopping experience across various devices.

What we do?

We assist our clients in getting started with Shopify by setting up a basic Shopify theme and adding the products relevant to their businesses. We also set up a payment gateway along with proper guidance so that the client can get started with their online store. A unique and advanced ambience is guaranteed for your e-commerce store once you have opted into our services.

Our Shopify shop creation services are as follows:
  • Shopify store setup and configuration
  • Shopify web designing service (includes graphic design and custom template preparation)
  • Adding proper products with images and categorization
  • Setting up outbound emails, payment, and shipment gateways.

Shop Customization

Our Shopify team of developers has extensive expertise in customizing various Shopify themes according to the client’s requirements. They make sure that proper changes are made until the client is satisfied with the customization procedure. We rigorously follow every guideline and standard practice prescribed by Shopify for the initial designing and customization of the storefront.

What do we do?

Our team of passionate and skilled Shopify developers helps you achieve a beautiful and engaging e-commerce store within the client’s preferred budget. Our customer-focused design and conversion-driven approach will help to convert vision into reality.

Our Shopify shop customization services are as follows:
  • Conversion of PSD into a highly responsive Shopify compatible theme
  • Shopify theme customization with added custom features
  • Mobile centric custom theme design and layout
  • Liquid theme customization

Shop Maintenance

Being in constant touch with our clients, we ensure to deliver top-notch Shopify maintenance service on demand for a new update and also customization as per the client’s requirement. We keep a close eye on the website’s functionality and performance across the web to resolve any issue upon immediate rising.

A smooth, engaging, and flexible sales experience is guaranteed from our end with time upgrades and maintenance from our end. Our team of developers ensures that the client’s website is kept up-to-date with the latest versions and performs periodic maintenance.

What do we do?

Our Shopify development service facilitates our clients with best-in-class support and maintenance after completing the whole project. We offer quick fixes and upgrades as per needed by our Shopify experts.

Our Shopify maintenance services include the following:
  • Maintaining consistency in-store database.
  • Complete website audit with detailed reports
  • Error resolution in 24 hours


Shopify is a popular eCommerce solution platform that allows you to set up your online shop. Shopify would help you organize your products, receive payments and track and respond to order without any hassle. Hire our Shopify Development Services in Meerut.

Yes, you can register your name as a domain in Shopify.

Shopify works in most country and accepts multiple currencies. However, the same is dependent on the payment gateway.

Shopify works with various other eCommerce services that take care of shipping for your online stores, such as Amazon, Shipwire, and Webgistix.

Shopify accepts credits cards, cash on delivery, money order and Paypal as a payment mode.

Yes, money order, bank transfers and mailed checks can also be used as a payment mode in Shopify.

The cost of Shopify development is dependent on what features you want in your online store. After you have provided us with your set of requirements, we will easily make a Shopify store for your online business within a stipulated time.

Shopify is one of the best E-Commerce platforms on the market today. Shopify empowers the online retail business in more than 180 countries worldwide.

With a customisable ECommerce website shopify offers exceptional features which will surely bring about the story of your success. Shopify provides various effective security messages and upgrades against any hacking of your Store and some best marketing tools.

Shopify provides the simplest way of accepting payments from buyers. Shopify provides various effective security messages and upgrades against any hacking of your store.

Shopify POS syncs with Shopify to track your orders and inventory across your retail locations, online store, and other active sales channels. You can even view and manage your store’s orders from the app. Shopify POS is a point of sale app that you can use to sell your products in person.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Dropshipping is a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs to start with because it’s accessible.

If you’re looking for some massive profit in your business venture then shopify development services is what you need most. Valuable service provided by shopify development services are :- 

  1. Customisable eCommerce website shopify offers exceptional features which will surely bring about the story of your success.
  2. various analytic features are provided by shopify to help you track your data and store them accurately.
  3. shopify provides various effective security messages and upgrades against any hacking of your Store.

A development store is a free Shopify account that comes with a few limitations. As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores.


1.Log in to your Partner Dashboard.

2.Click Stores.

3.Click Add store.

4.In the Store type section, select the Development store.

5.In the Login information section, enter a name for your store and a password that you can use to log in.

  1. In the Store address section, enter your address.

8.Click Save

As you believe it is a good website for Ecommerce business to grow. Soon when you use all the features of Shopify development, you will realise that it costs around ranges form $9 to $299 per month.