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Search Engine Optimization

You can go through our advertising packages to explore their features, prices and much more. You can also have a chat with SEO Agency in Meerut. We are experienced strategists to build a custom service plan according to your business requirement. Hexode IT Solutions is known to be one of the best SEO Agencies in Meerut. We look forward to serving our clients with top-notch services ever!

obtain 10k visitors to a brand new blog

Our Services Include:

1. PPC and ROI Services:

Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is a form of paid advertising which allows marketers to place various keywords and phrases which will trigger their advertisements.

If you want to boost your website’s traffic to a massive extent, then PPC optimization and ROI is the best way to do so. It will provide you with driving results as soon as the ads go live.

2. Remarketing Services:

Remarketing is a strategy which offers a website to connect with its past visitors. A well-planned remarketing campaign would help your company to secure additional leads, purchases and revenue within no time.

We have our experienced team of professionals who would invest their time to research your industry, products and market accordingly to create a working environment for your business. They would generate leads and conversions from your website’s previous visitors and try to convert them into potential customers.

3. Geo-fencing services:

Geo-fencing advertising is suitable for all sorts of businesses, namely, local, international or national. With the help of this service, your business will target valuable locations such as competitor storefronts, industry conferences, and must-attend trade shows. This will eventually give your business an upper hand and would provide tough competition for your competitors.

You can then make your company visit these locations for a boost in leads and sales alike. This is an advanced online marketing strategy, and with the right PPC service, we can make this possible for you!

4. Social Media Advertising:

Maintaining an active presence on social media is the key to establish a strong and stable relationship with customers and future customers alike.

Hexode IT Solutions can help you to achieve this by various organic and paid strategies that will help you to maintain and build profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, Tumblr, and much more.

Social Media Strategy and Plans

Our social media strategists know what it takes to create an online presence for a business and ensure that the same is done for your website to develop a relationship with customers to encourage them to purchase and become loyal customers.

Our social media plans come in a variety of budgets. This includes different features such as page creation, custom graphics, and social media promotions as well.

5. Influencer Services:

When you choose SEO Agency from Hexode IT Solutions, you will have access to our network of bloggers and influencers on social media.

Our posts will be sponsored directly by various bloggers in our directory to promote your brand and business so that you can reach your target audience within no time. If you are looking to improve your online presence and attract more customers to your business, our SEO Agency in Meerut can help you.

It doesn’t matter what your digital strategy is, Hexode IT Solutions is your trusted partner, and we do whatever it takes to help you earn the best possible ROI for your digital advertising campaigns.

6. Online Media Buying Services:

This service will secure your prime ad placements, allowing you to reach your target audience within no time.

Our customized online media buying services are tailored to meet your business requirements accordingly. We will also help you connect with potential customers to your website with the help of demographic, psychographic, and geographic targeting.

Our team of media buying specialists will keep a close eye on your website at all times to ensure that more customers are brought into your business within significantly less time.

SEO Packages

Max 5 Keywords:

Keywords are the main criteria when you are posting any SEO optimized content. Without the right set of keywords, your website wouldn’t rank in the Google SERPS. We will ensure that the proper usage of keywords is used for your website content, and within three months, you will see an increase in the rank of your website. 


Website & Competitor Analysis: 

Analyzing your competitors is essential since you need to know what they are up to, which makes them rank first on Google SERPS. This is where our effective website and competitor analysis comes into play, ensuring that proper research is done for the websites for businesses similar to yours. 


Content Duplicity Check:

Content Duplicity is a significant crime in the online world and often gets sued by various businesses. Of course, when it comes to checking the duplicity of a piece of content on your website, we will ensure that there is no duplicity of any sort. Again, we have some of the best content writers in the industry who has been in this line of work for 10+ years. They have the required expertise to curate the perfect, unique content for your website. 


Initial Ranking Report:

The initial ranking report for your website is necessary to figure out how much our SEO tactics have been successful in pushing the rank for your website. We will provide you with a report at the start of our contract and work on the SEO for your website. Within three months, you would start seeing the results for your business. 


Keyword Research:

Without any effective keyword research, all the content on your website would be of no use. You must have a list of keywords that will ensure that the rank for your website. Our keywords list would consist of 1 main keyword and 4 LSI keywords for your business or blog. 

On-Page SEO Analysis

Meta Tags Creation: 

Meta Tags are the specific areas in the HTML code of a website accessible by the Search Engines to display the page title and description on the website in the search results. For this purpose, we will create the appropriate meta tag for your website, which will allow the Google SERP to rank your website on the top of the search results. 


This term refers to the picking of the best URL out of several other choices for your website. Our SEO specialists will make sure that they pick out the best URL which would allow your website to stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

URL Structure:

We believe that the best URL is a short one. This is why our SEO specialists will ensure that you have a short URL that resembles your business and easy to memorize. 

Content Optimization: 

Optimizing your existing content is crucial. With proper optimization, your website would be pushed up in its rank in the Google SERPS. If you are not sure whether or not your content is optimized, our specialists can help you determine if it is. Of course, with proper optimization, appropriate maintenance needs to be done on the content. If you want new optimized content to be written, we are there for you! 

Image Optimization:

Image Optimization reduces the file size of your images as low as possible, of course, without compromising its quality so that the page load time remains relatively low. This helps in producing images to rank on Google SERP. We will help your business with image optimization to rank much faster than your competitors in the online world. 

Heading Tag Optimization:

Heading Tags are used to separate subheadings and headings in a webpage. They rank in order of importance from H1 to H6, the H1 being the title of your content. We will optimize your header tags accordingly to ensure that no drawback is there regarding making your website rank on top of the Google SERPS. 

Website Speed Optimization:

This is one of the core SEO strategies to ensure that your site speed is optimum. This is as crucial as SEO. Website speed measures how fast a sample of pages views are there on your website. Our SEO analysts will ensure that your website has an optimized speed so by considering various factors. 


Robot.txt is a necessary file on your webpage and an essential part of our SEO strategy. This text file would ask the web robots to crawl on your website. This would ensure that the views and clicks on your website increases which would, in turn, increase the rank of your website. 

Sitemap Creation

A sitemap is a list of URLs that describes a website’s sections and pages. This would ensure that your website has a proper format when visitors come accordingly. Whenever you want people to visit your website, you would like to ensure that everything is set up correctly. We are here to make sure of that! 

Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

This would provide you with a report on the organic search traffic. This would help your website to optimize itself accordingly for the most profitable traffic. Our SEO experts will provide you with a monthly report on Google Analytics. You would also have access to view your business metrics accordingly. 

Blog Optimization – 2 Posts

If you are running a business, it is evident that you would have a blog section on your website according to the niche of your business you have. We will ensure to provide you with two blog posts that would be SEO optimized to drive more traffic to your preferred niche. When it comes to the experts in the optimization of blogs, we are there! 

Local SEO Setup

Google Map Integration on Website:

Customers now have the option of using the services of Google Maps on your website as well. Of course, the installation of the API is an important job when running a business. This is the reason when you come to us, we will integrate the same on your website included in the package. 

Google My Business Page Setup and Optimization:

Google My Business is essential for the local SEO of your business. We will ensure that there is NAP consistency across your website and the web. We will also include semi-professional pictures for your business. We will also put in reviews on your GMB account so that customers and potential would find your business services exciting and compelling. 

Local Citations – 5:

Citations are an essential factor when it comes to local SEO. It is necessary to have your business listed in the online directories, allowing Google to improve the degree of certainty for your business. We will pick out proper citations for your business, ensuring that your local SEO tactics are met without any problem. 

Local Classifieds – 2:

The need to enlist business in the local classifieds is mandatory because customers would want to search for your business in times of need. We will ensure that your business is listed in the local classified and give you an update whenever the listing has been completed. 

Blog Posting (500-700 words) -1: 

It would be best if you had a specific blog on your niche that would drive your business’s traffic. The perfect blog can increase the visits to your website, which would, in turn, increase the sales in your business for the preferred niche. We will provide you with a well-optimized blog for your business within no time. 

Article Writing and Submission (500-700 words)

There needs to be an article submission for your website, which would drive traffic to your blog, ensuring that people are visiting your business website for sales. The main target for having your website is to drive sales. Of course, this can only be achieved if we hyperlink various articles and blogs to your website. We are there to make it happen for you. But are you ready?

Press Release Submission (300-500 words)  

Press Releases are one of the most critical content marketing strategies. A perfectly curated press release would bring in loads of traffic to your business website, and we will make sure of that.

Off-Page SEO


Social bookmarking is a form of centralized online service that allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks on various web documents. Our professional SEO services include social bookmarking, which is meant to be an effective SEO practice to boost the rank of your website. 



The need to register your website on various classified depending on your location is mandatory. Customers would need to search your business for the services. We will ensure that they can find the same With the help of our professional SEO services, we will use classifieds for businesses searching for support and utilize classifieds for link juice.


PDF Submission:

PDF submission is a form of page SEO where the need to share PDF version of content or document is done to your prospective customers. Our SEO specialists would curate the perfect PDF version of your content without any problem. This would attract more customers to your business within no time. 


Image Submission:

Our SEO analysts will leave images related to your online business on different image sharing or submission sites when it comes to image submission. This would ensure that people can view your online business on various platforms without any hassle. 


Forum Submission:

This falls under one of the significant SEO tactics where online discussions and debates are held. This would help expand and share knowledge, further aiding in generating valuable backlinks that can change the game of your online business. Our SEO specialists are experienced to ensure that a proper forum is maintained for your online business. 


Blog Submission:

Blog submission is an important off-page SEO tactic our specialists are much experienced in. We will be submitting various blogs to blog submission sites, blog search engines, etc. This enables your users to have access to fresh content regularly so that they keep visiting your website. 


Press Release:

Press release submission refers to writing about new events or products in your business and submitting the same to various PR sites. This popular off-page SEO strategy helps popularize your events, products or services on the web to improve the SEO of your site. 

We will ensure proper PR submission for your business and provide you with a report on how the strategy is working out for you. 



We will provide local listing for your business, ensuring that your business can come on top of the Google SERPs. Customers who require your business will contact you directly through the local listing we do for your business. 

for your business or blog. 

Monthly Reporting

  • Keyword Ranking Report:

    With the help of a good keyword ranking report, one can optimize and understand the content in their website. There are various factors included in a keyword ranking report such as the search volume, keyword difficulty, changes in keyword positions, SERP features for these target keywords. A report will clear all of these for your business, and we will provide you with the same every month. 


    Google Analytics Report:

    A proper Google analytics report includes various factors such as Mobile Overview Report, Channels Report, Navigation Summary, Landing Pages Report, Site Speed Overview Report, Goal Overview Report, and much more. Of course, when you come to us for SEO services, we will ensure that you are provided with a top-notch google analytics report for your business so that we can take the proper steps to make your website come on top of Google SERPs. 

Client Support

We are available for our clients 24×7 when it comes to their needs and our services. You can contact us via email, chat or call. Our customer representatives will help you out with your query.

ASO Pricing Plan

New Age App Store Optimization by Hexode IT Solutions – ASO Pricing Plans

The trend of mobile applications has changed the complete outlook of the digital world. According to a recent study, 80% of the businesses are online, run mainly by a mobile device. So, it is pretty tough for these businesses to stand out in the crowd of thousands of such businesses. 


Hexode IT Solutions provides the best digital marketing tactics for App Store Optimization. We will make sure that your brand gets the necessary traffic and conversion in the mobile economy. Our ASO Pricing Plans are quite affordable and designed to give the best value for your company. 


Trust In Our Results, Not In The Talks

Our App Store Optimization packages ensure maximum visibility. With our efficient packages, we will ensure that your business can generate the maximum revenue. 


Our ASO services include:

  • Initial in-depth review and analyses along with competitor analyses
  • On & Off-page optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Monthly content marketing


SEO ensures that the visibility for your webpage increases in the search engine. Search engines cannot understand a website. However, after SEO is implemented, search engines obtain the necessary information, which lets them know what the website contains.

If you do not implement SEO on your website, most internet users wouldn’t know your website exists. Unless your website is visible on the search engine, there wouldn’t be any progressive growth to your website.

Without any prior SEO experience, it could take years to achieve a search engine rank. Your business will suffer a massive loss when it comes to bad SEO, and it might even get banned.

You should promote your website to reach the correct audience while selling your products or services to them. This can be only be achieved if proper SEO is implemented.

SEO depends on using proper keywords and understanding the market competition. It may be quick or slow, depending on your desired ranking.

Traffic obtained from SEO is far more advantageous than typical ads. Organic SEO would lead to a fixed, long term rank on the search engine.

No prior knowledge in any technical matters is necessary for knowing SEO. Hire a professional SEO Agency in Meerut and see the magic happen!

This is dependent on various factors. Even after using the correct set of keywords, the whole process might be prolonged. However, the need to strive until the desired ranking is achieved is advised.

Our SEO services are 100% safe to implement on your website. With our experts’ help, we will help you to promote your business both locally and globally.

SEO-friendly design means that the website should be responsive to access the same on different devices.