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A well-designed logo is more than just a creative mark.
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Logo Designing

A well-designed logo is more than just a creative mark. It would help to facilitate brand recognition. Hexode IT Solutions is a well-known Logo Designing Company in Meerut as well as all over the world. we promise to deliver you a noticeable logo that would make our brand stand out in the industry. Thus, it would build a unique identity for your brand. Engage in our logo designing services to get the perfect emblem for your business that would represent your brand massively.

Logo Designing Company in Meerut

Inspire A Unique Vision For Your Brand’s Logo

When you think about some of the iconic brands, the first thing that comes to your mind is their logo. When you see their logo, the entire brand or company name as well as their history comes into your mind. This is the power that resides in the perfect logo for a company.

Our Experience

Our logo designers are experienced and have the expertise to create the perfect mix of symbols, calligraphy, design art, and other aesthetic graphical elements to create an effective logo. The logo should be made in such a way that it evokes the emotions and sensations related to your brand. 

We have over 5+ years of experience when it comes to logo designing. We have some of the best creative professionals within the industry. And We will deliver high-quality and unique business logo design services for all your needs.

As a trusted logo designing company, Hexode IT Solutions has served hundreds of clients over the past years with their logo requirements.

Why Choose Hexode IT Solutions?

A Professional Logo Design Company in Meerut,

The best logo for your brand would increase visibility and user traction. At Hexode IT Solutions, we design attractive logos that enhance your brand proposition at cost-effective rates. Our logo designers weave magic using aesthetic graphical elements, attractive color palette, intricate calligraphy, and fabulous design art to make your logo interesting and eye-catchy to the customers.

Some of the reasons which make Hexode IT Solutions the best logo designing company for your business are as follows.
  • Detailed brand analysis. 
  • Experienced designers. 
  • Multiple design concepts.


Our logo design charge depends on various factors. We will initially try to complete your requirement within your budget. Eventually, if the charges increase you will be notified of the reasons for such charges. So, hire the Logo Designing Company in Meerut for getting your logo at an affordable price.

A typical logo designing project requires anything from 2-6 weeks. However, there might even be some chances where we are able to complete your project 1-2 weeks earlier.

We are available and can start with your work immediately after receiving the logo design brief and detailed information about the project from your end.

Of course! We will give you an update on our whole process once you sign up with us.

Yes, you can have your old logo design updated and give it a more suitable look and feel.

Once you have cleared off all the payment and are satisfied with our work, we will make you or your business the legal copyright owner of the final logo design.

Logon simply refers to a brand mark along with a tag line that is a perfect example of visual communication; it is used as a signifier to represent brand’s loyalty and worthiness. With a distinctive and appropriate logo design a particular brand transmits its specific objectives.

There are various organisations offering the service of logo design some famous are wix logo maker, squarespace, Canvas etc. Your logon is your brand identity so it is better to find your design, style, colour as well as inspiration.

There is a market of logo designers across the world beginners in this field make around Rs.500 to 1000 per logo. However experts make a whopping amount of Rs.50,000-1000,000 for Logo design.

Distinctive and appropriate logo is the brand image of your organisation. So before designing a great logo for your brand keep it in mind following details-

  • Clear your brand image
  • Define your design style
  • Pay details to colour combination
  • Choose the right topography

Before designing a great logo for your brand keep it in mind following details-
1.Clear your brand image
2.Define your design style
3.Pay details to colour combination
4.Choose the right topography

Contact with a creative graphic designer to have your brand logo. Find various type of graphic designers on job searching websites, freelancing websites, social media accounts.

Logo designers create an impactful impression of your brand image in the eyes of customers. Special cares and thoughts will go in the minds of customers when they will engage with your logo that is perfectly telling the brand vision.