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Ecommerce Development

Having an e-commerce website in today’s world is necessary to give your products the online exposure they need. Not only your business’s potential outreach increase but the sector is set to boom shortly. Hexode IT Solution is the Best Ecommerce Website Development Company in Meerut As well as in India.

As a leading eCommerce Website Development Company in Meerut, Hexode IT Solutions provides comprehensive e-commerce design and development services within a preferable budget and suitable for the clients’ various requirements.

Are you tired of seeing no progress in your business?

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, physical stores have suffered a significant loss since they weren’t allowed to open their shops due to lockdown and various other issues related to this deadly virus. The only solution to this problem is shifting to an e-commerce platform.

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a business model that allows companies to buy and sell things over the internet. The complete transaction is made via the web and enables secure delivery modes and easily accessible products all on the company’s website.

Benefits of having an e-commerce platform?

i. Faster buying process.

ii. Store and product listing creation.

iii. Cost reduction.

iv. Affordable advertising and marketing.

v. Flexibility for customers.

vi. No reach limitations. vii. Product and price comparison.

viii. Faster response to buyer/market demands.

So what are you waiting for?

We at Hexode IT Solutions would provide you with the best e-commerce platform for your business so that you can sell your products right from the comfort of your home.


Our specialists in this industry will create a user-friendly e-commerce portal for your business that will be easy to navigate. The website would be customer-centric and data-driven to match the customer’s standard and individual features for any online transaction. With the implementation of basic UI and UX services, according to the requirement of our clients, we would create a website for them and henceforth we will continue with the rest of the eshop creation services.

What we do?

Our professional developers will develop a unique eshop for your business with customized looks and feel to it. Our single objective is to provide the best customer experience through the working functionality on your website. Our team will ensure to keep on maintaining the user interface of your website from time to time.

Our Services
  • E-Commerce portal creation with a unique, attractive storefront
  • Listing of most frequently purchased products
  • Product groupings and presentation
  • Individual product page along with a description
  • Detailed comparison of products

Web Application

Our professional website developers will provide you with a top-notch e-commerce development service for your business with a unique and customized interface that will give you the good aesthetic value to your brand’s core. At Hexode IT Solutions, our primary goal is to provide your customers with the best user experience with the help of a comfortable and attractive interface. Our team of designers will closely work with you in keeping your website up and running at all times, without any technical glitches.

What we do?

Our e-commerce development service will help you develop a customized look and feel for your business, allowing you to stay in front of your competitors by offering you high conversion rates for your products.

Our Services Include
  • Efficient web development on platforms such as WordPress
  • Digitization of any products and services in your business
  • Managing online marketplace

Delivery and Payment Gateway

For any eCommerce website to succeed in today’s time, it is necessary to have a flawless delivery and payment gateway. Our delivery and payment gateway integration support system will make this task easy for you and is formidable with any business. Our team of experts will also create a payment gateway for international payments or subscriptions. With our support, you can easily accept payments with the help of credit cards, debit cards, net banking and other digital wallets from anywhere in the globe.

What we do?

For your business to flourish massively in the industry, we will implement top-notch payment and delivery methods for easy, quick, reliable, and secure payment for merchandise such as net banking, online transfer, credit card, or cash on delivery so that your customers have more options at their disposal. Our professional team will help you choose the best payment and delivery gateway for your business within no time.

Our services include:
  • Multiple payment options (national and international)
  • 24×7 support
  • Custom checkout experience


The development of an eCommerce platform is dependent on your requirements, such as features and designs. The cost will depend on a proper understanding of your business requirements.

Complete customization of an eCommerce website is made possible by our Ecommerce Website Development Company in Meerut. All of the features, functionalities, and designs would be made according to your requirement.

Yes, it is now possible to add more features and change an existing eCommerce platform’s design. However, the changes made will add to total costs.

We go by the stipulated time of 3 to 4 weeks to complete an eCommerce website. However, this time might increase depending on various factors and upon your requirements.

Do not worry! Our efficient development team would take care of any issues with your eCommerce website after it has gone live.

Yes, we provide regular website maintenance and support services. You can select from our monthly packages accordingly to keep your eCommerce website under maintenance.

Ecommerce Website Development Company in Meerut has served more than 50 clients over the past five years of our service in the industry.

The content can be added from your end, or you can also opt-in to our content services package accordingly.

We will make sure that your website consists of the necessary security measures during the development phase.

Our company accepts all sorts of payment, be it cards, PayPal, or bank wire transfers.