Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

Mobile app development trends of 2021
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The trend for mobile app development has been continually evolving. With the vast technological advancements, consumer demands, and a wide range of necessary factors, the need for mobile app development is massive. One must stay up to date with the latest trends to achieve a tremendous success rate in mobile app development in the world.

Mobile app resellers need to keep themselves updated regarding these latest trends that would help them to serve their customers more effectively. The same goes for producers and content creators who are ready to take their brand to the next level by opting for the best Mobile App Development Trends. 


So, the real question arises, are you ready for the Mobile App Development Trends changes that are going to occur in 2021?

If not, then buckle yourself since we will discuss the top mobile app development trends of 2021.


1. IoT App Integration (internet of Things)

IoT is a relatively new concept in the industry. Still, the rise in mobile applications in the recent timeline has provided an endless IoT opportunity.

People have been implementing IoT in their daily lives to improve their day-to-day activities.

If you are wondering what IoT is, then there is nothing too complicated in its definition. IoT refers to the growing network of devices connected to the internet, providing convenience and ease of access to consumers and business people. Smart Home Technology is one of the best examples where IoT is implemented.

Mobile applications can also make adjustments to the thermostat in a house from a remote location and even lock and unlock doors.

In 2021, we are expecting to see more Mobile App Development Trends with the help of IoT. The primary market for implementing IoT in the future would be for household devices, automobiles, and healthcare.


2. Applications for foldable devices

At some point in everyone’s life, he or she indeed owned a flip phone. And with the introduction of flip phones into our lives, many changes have occurred in the mobile phone industry. Touch screen devices with one or no buttons have been introduced in the market.

Over the last couple of years, the introduction of foldable phones was also seen in the market. 2019 was the year when various devices such as Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X, and the new Motorola Razr were introduced.

These smartphones can be folded and kept within a compressed size based on user preference.

Suppose we are to look into the app development for such devices. In that case, developers need to build the applications so that they are compatible with such devices.

The basic idea is to make such adjustments that make the application seamlessly adjust to the foldable screens.


3. 5G technology

In 2021, the 5G technology was introduced to the public. For the developers, resellers, and content creators, this had a massive impact on app development. With faster internet speeds, the need for the apps to adjust accordingly was also required.

So where does this place the Mobile App Development Trends in comparison to 5G?

Drastic improvement in the speed and efficiency of a 5G connection would deliver a 10x decrease in latency while massively boosting the traffic capacity for such applications. 5G is supposedly 100x faster than 4G.

The mobile applications need to be integrated in such a way that they can handle such massive speeds. This would require the developers to apply new features which would, in turn, adjust with the internet speeds, without affecting the applications’ performance.


4. Development for wearable devices

Wearable technology has recently been introduced in the market over the past years, which seriously impacted the technological world! Wearable devices are yet to reach their full potential with numerous smartwatches, trackers, and fitness bands in the market.

The year 2021 seems promising for any such wearable devices where the app development would be implemented accordingly to download various applications right from their wrist.

This is just the beginning of wearable devices and Mobile App Development Trends of 2021. In the coming years, we can expect massive progress in this category.


5. Beacon Technology

The use of Beacon Tech has seen quite some progress in the retail and healthcare business.  Furthermore, The main advantage of the beacon is to add more functionality to any mobile application.

The first beacon application in mobile app was made back in 2013. But over the past few years, significant advancements have been made to this technology.

The primary benefit of beacon technology is proximity marketing. Now, what is meant by proximity marketing? It improves the customer experience within a mobile application.


6. Mobile eCommerce

The list for mobile app development trends 2021 will be incomplete if mobile eCommerce isn’t added to it.

With the help of an efficient mobile application, everyone is trying to increase their online business revenue. From giant retailers to individual content creators, everyone is making huge bucks when it comes to implementing the use of mobile eCommerce for their business.

Mobile eCommerce is a great way to showcase client pitches. There has been a significant increase in the need for Mobile App Development Trends when it comes to launching an application for driving sales.

The need for a mobile application is necessary for beating your competitors in terms of sales, ranking, and various other factors. Every eCommerce business is trying to compete with giants in this industry, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. To be like these eCommerce websites, the need for a useful mobile application is required.

So 2021 will be seeing various eCommerce app development for lots of businesses. Be ready!

The need for a mobile app is mandatory when you are thinking about growing your business or even your brand. However, if you are thinking about building an app today with information that is two or three years old, it would be a waste of your hard-earned money.

As a reseller or a businessman, you need to treat Mobile App Development Trends as your guide, which will help you obtain the complete advantages of using a mobile application to boost your sales and revenue.

You need not use every single trend in your application. This is where Hexode IT Solutions would help you and consult you with your requirements and how you can use those to create the PERFECT mobile application to beat your competitors.

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