Important Product Updates for Shopify Developers 2021

Store access controls in the partner dashboard
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In this edition of our monthly blog, we have something in store for Shopify developers. You will find the most recent updates for Shopify Development Services that will help you continue with your work.

Price list admin API

The price list admin API was launched as a part of the 2021-04 API release of Shopify. This allows the Shopify developers to easily configure international pricing by creating percentage price adjustments and fixed variant prices to both online stores and during checkout.

With the help of this API, you can help your users build automated merchandising. And pricing management workflows for complex international pricing needs. This would make their Shopify stores available to more customers worldwide.

Store access controls in the partner dashboard

Now Shopify developers can restrict and manage their team members’ access to a specific development, Plus Sandbox and managed stores with Store Access Controls. You can use this feature now to work more securely with your team and contractors.




This feature is mainly available for:


  • Specify a level of access for each store for every staff member. The user of the specific Shopify store can now choose between No access, Access to all stores, or Access to specific stores accordingly. A staff member can only log in to a store when they’ve been allowed access. Shopify developer


  • Provide access to a specific store for a particular team member from the Partner dashboard.

Allow selected staff members to add, transfer or archive ownership of stores.


Determining how much ROI you get on your ads with Shopify development services

New metrics are now present in your ads dashboard to help you return on ad spend, customers gained through ads, and customer acquisition costs right from the store itself.

With the help of this information, you can now determine which specific keywords are generating the maximum traffic to your Shopify store, your actual customer conversation rate, and the revenue you’re gaining from your ads. This will, in turn, allow you to make the necessary adjustments required for maximizing the optimization and obtain a better ROI.


New partners are added to the Shopify Plus Certified App program

With the launch of new cohort apps to the Shopify Plus Certified App program. you can now quickly get inventory management solutions and third-party logistic providers along with shipping solutions and fraud management categories.

The new members are as follows:


  • Katana MRP
  • Veeqo – Inventory, and Fulfillment
  • Riskified
  • ShipHero Fulfillment
  • ShipBob
  • ShipStation

The Shopify Plus, Certified App program provides you with the most prominent Shopify merchants by helping them to find and build applications and solutions required on a large scale. This program is available specifically for Shopify app partners, who provide high-quality service, performance, privacy, and support to the Shopify Plus merchants.

Once you are certified by Shopify, a partner application is made available to the merchants globally with the help of  Shopify Plus Certified App Directory and the Shopify App Store.


As a Shopify developer, you can now apply for the Shopify Plus certified app program for your merchants. You need to show your dedication to performance, security, privacy, and support to be included in our exclusive Shopify Plus directories.



This is all we have about the updates on Shopify for this month. To stay up-to-date with Shopify development services, make sure that you keep following us. We hope to provide you with new and exciting information every week!

Shopify App Development for Rescuing Small Business and Startups in The Pandemic :

After the covid-19 global pandemic struck, small businesses took the most significant hit. Every startup and small business owner brought their products online. Since the world is under lockdown, customers cannot step out to buy things. Instead, they resort to e-commerce sites. In case you already have not, it is time for you to take your business online. 


Shopify web development is one of the leading e-commerce development platforms. It has saved startups from dying in the wake of the pandemic. With the help of Shopify development service, you can make your eCommerce site. As a result, you can make the most out of your startup or business.


Nonetheless, for starters, it can seem hard. Learning about the Shopify development service can seem difficult at first. So, there are expert Shopify developers to guide you through the process. Once you get the hang of it, you can build your online store and start earning without struggle. 


In this article, we will talk about building your e-commerce store. How you can build a Shopify store through the help of Shopify developers. How it helps your business thrive during the pandemic. We will discuss the advantages of using Shopify development service over others. And how it has saved countless startups. 


Before digging deep on how to create an online store on Shopify, we must learn the why! First, we have to understand the reason it is helpful for small business owners. 

How does the Shopify development service benefit startups? 


While there are many similar platforms, Shopify development service has few perks. Here are those- 


1.Most amazing features: 


Shopify is the best e-commerce platform with a set of different, useful features. It offers every must-have product function. It has great inventory management features. Shopify allows you to give coupon codes, receive payments online. Shopify has a product widget menu feature. In the Shopify development service website builder, you can manage the shipping rates. It has a free shipping option that’s attractive to customers.


Being a Shopify e-commerce store owner, you can market your products on social sites. It is hassle-free and very effective. Shopify’s list of integration with Facebook, Google, Instagram is very beneficial. With the help of Shopify development service, you can make your e-commerce site. As a result, you can make the most out of your startup or business. Although while starting, it can seem hard. Learning about the Shopify development service can be trouble at first. But not to worry because once you get the hang of it, you can build your own online store. Then you can start receiving money. 


2. Management is convenient: 


If you are starting, Shopify got you covered. Shopify has many informative tutorials for beginners. These tutorials can help you learn how to manage your business on Shopify and operate it. Shopify has an administrator dashboard to make management easy. It also comes with a front end. These let you see the changes in your website in real-time. Thus, the whole process becomes convenient. 


You do not need to worry about any security, server, or even software updates. Unlike in your e-commerce website, here you can concentrate on the business. Shopify development service takes care of everything else for you. All you have to do is sell your product and earn a profit. A professional Shopify developer does the initial setups. For checking revenue and costs, you only have to look at the dashboard. In case you need further changes, you should contact the official development agency. They are always available to come to your aid. 

3. Easy to afford: 


The biggest perk of using Shopify development service is affordability. It is the main reason for Shopify’s rapid growth. There is a beginner’s plan in Shopify for new entrepreneurs, which charges less than $30 for a month. You can buy that at the start. Later you can customize your site by adding your products. You can take help from Shopify’s store.


Nonetheless, we would suggest that you recruit a professional Shopify development service. They can help you customize your e-commerce website. That way, the burden will not come on your shoulders. You can then have limitless possibilities to expand your business. 


Custom Shopify development service provides you with a Shopify checklist. That checklist contains all the applications you would want or need. Turning yourself into a Shopify developer might be a lengthy process. You might miss out on a lot of golden chances. The wiser alternative would be to let the Shopify development service do its job. It would be best if you spent your precious time generating revenue. You should spend your time strategizing the marketing process. That is how your startup will grow.


4. Finest support system: 


The best thing that Shopify development services offer is the support system. They have a live chat option; you can mail or direct phone calls as well. The moment you face any issue, you can connect to their customer care. They are speedy to revert to you. The communication and assistances are very swift. It has an option called “kit”; it is one kind of virtual worker who looks after your e-commerce shop. Kit sends you tips and tricks as you need. It also helps you in the marketing process, advertisement campaigns. 


5. Shopify development service for local business and startups during Covid 19: 


So, you are new to the e-commerce domain, and you have zero prior experience. The pandemic made you come to this Shopify development service to save your business. You do not need to worry; Shopify has a set of tutorials for novices. These are of great help if you are starting your online eCommerce store. You can learn from them without even taking help from your Shopify developer. But, if your business is more complex, that requires an advanced website, you should hire help. You are a mid-sized business owner wishing to explore Shopify development services. You better use a team of professional Shopify developers. 


During the pandemic, Shopify had an almost 62% increase in e-commerce stores. Because small businesses had no other way to reach customers except online stores. 


Experts believe that the reason for Shopify development service’s growth is democratization. When the world is stuck inside the home during the pandemic, it provided a platform to help startups. These small businesses would not survive during the covid 19 pandemic otherwise. All business owners went to Shopify and created an online store to make the most out of the catastrophe.


Earlier, there were very few popular sites where you could sell things. Shopify development service has expanded the horizon for independent business owners. Shopify allowed these people to reach customers that were inaccessible due to lockdown. Restriction in movement or being unable to deliver would let these businesses sink. 

6. Easy pick up- delivery system: 


Shopify development service prioritizes logistics in its setup checklist. Still, local businesses could take benefits from the local pick-up and delivery solution. At least in the pandemic. If you are a startup, you can build an e-commerce store with Shopify development service. Then you can recruit a local delivery man, and your business will run well. Even though it is pandemic, people want commodities. Local businesses are thriving due to this reason. 


7. Convenient payment system: 


Covid 19 is a contagious virus. People refrain from touching other people or objects. Touching money and making cash payments has become a nightmare. People resort to digital transaction methods. Online, digital payment is the primary way of buying things now. The Shopify development service has an option for that as well. With that, you can add an e-payment method to receive payments when you are selling. 


I get that you have no prior experience. You run a local business, and it looks challenging to set up digital payment. Well lucky for you, it is not. It is not hard at all despite seeming so at first. There are so many tutorials for beginning Shopify developers. They help you learn the process by heart. Using this method will help you provide no contact delivery. By providing safe delivery of the products, you gain customer trust. It will help you build your customer base and gain popularity. 


8. Increase your brand value: 


Shopify development service is search engine optimized. This platform integrates with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Shopify lets you expand your horizon. It allows your products to reach a vast population of audience than usual. You are making your marketing system strong lets you make the most out of digital marketing. 


All these summed up increases your brand value way higher. By building an e-commerce store on Shopify, you are exposing your business to the outside. Through Shopify development service, you are growing your online presence. Your brand value increases. Your customer base increases. If luck favors, you become viral. There is no looking back once your small business goes viral. 


Your customers are all netizens, and they will help you survive in the long run. 


9. Shopify development service is friendly for mobile: 


If you are a small business owner trying to make it big, the first need is a mobile site or app. This is the age of smartphones. The revolution happened, and smartphones won over computers. Shopify eCommerce platform has a mobile version. Shopify mobile runs on android and iOS. It lets business owners run their virtual stores from the palm of their hands. The mobile app takes advantage of the built-in features of smartphones. It sends push notifications for orders. It allows you to manage orders, inventories and communicate through SMS and mail. They can access anything they want with comfort with their phone, anytime, anywhere. 


10. The own easy accessing app store: 


Shopify development service comes with an exciting built-in feature. And if that was not enough, it comes with its very own app store. There are many free apps to integrate other apps with Shopify. In the app store, you will find apps to plugin very specialized items without a major effort to Shopify. 


11. Agile marketing system: 


Getting feedback from your customers is a crucial step for startups. Yet, getting it done with efficiency is not an easy task. Especially if your audience is from a different demographic. Shopify development service has a solution for that as well. Without even a Shopify developer‘s help, you can get it done faster and easier. Shopify offers fast implementation and predictive analysis. Shopify has better scores in all aspects- SEO, SMO, SERP, and SEM. They created a Shopify development service keeping the requirements of marketing in mind. 


Begin your journey of Shopify development service: 


Shopify has its headquarters in Canada. In no time, it has become the company with the most net worth in the country. And Shopify deserves to be the most valuable. Shopify development service has made dreams come true. It has allowed countless entrepreneurs to turn their visions into reality. This eCommerce development platform has opened up new career opportunities for Shopify developers. It helped many business owners realize the importance of e-commerce and m-commerce websites. 


After the Covid 19 pandemics, it has helped so many businesses in staying relevant. Shopify development service provided opportunities for small business owners. Helped them to bring their stores online and get customers. 


Shopify development service won over similar platforms because it is easy to use. It is easier to put in place. It has quick and easy navigation, a mobile version, and customer care. It has everything customers might demand. Everything your small business needs, Shopify provides it. 


Shopify development service is a popular choice, award-winning platform. It is inexpensive, easy to learn, and it won the best e-commerce store award in 2016. Shopify brings handy tools and functionalities. Shopify is the best platform to build an e-commerce store and operate it. You can pick any template and create your virtual store; it takes only a few days. In a couple of days, you become ready with your eCommerce store to start selling your stuff. 


Now you know everything about Shopify development service and why it is the best. Now you are ready to start your journey. Hire a fantastic Shopify developer to build your very own eCommerce store. Stay relevant in the pandemic. 


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