How to get Organic Facebook Leads?

Five tips to get organic Facebook leads
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Would you like to take time and put effort into finding Facebook leads when you can pay for such prospects?

Of course not. A digital marketing company will introduce you to such opportunities quickly. This organic Facebook leads prospects are for free, and there are numerous ways to get on board even if you doubt how to get started. Facebook or any such social media site comes with several free tools to start building your community. Some of them are: 

  • Facebook groups
  • Stories
  • Posts 

One of the best parts about Facebook is that it also comes with an insight tool that can show you your page’s responsiveness or post based on the number of reach, clicks, or shares.  Once you hire a digital marketing agency, they will help you be up to date with the insights and suggest ways to increase the reach. 

Often a digital marketing company will suggest you mix free and paid social media leads to receiving the best results and effectiveness. One more advantage of using an organic lead is that these prospects are already keen on your service or product. 

They need to be handled properly to be convinced to buy your product or service. The convincing job is mainly done with the help of a digital marketing service provider. 

If you need some reasons to be convinced on using organic leads, here are they: you can build long-lasting results from the people who have trust in you or knows you by using these organic ads, which a digital marketing service provider will guide you with. 

Since we are now done with the advantages, let us now get into the details of how to start receiving a steady stream of such prospects. 

Below we have explained it all, but we noted down the difference between an organic and a paid Facebook prospect. 

What is organic Facebook leads?

Organic Facebook leads are nothing but the leads provided by the digital marketing agency you do not have to pay. In short, organic Facebook leads are unpaid Facebook leads. You or your hired digital marketing service provider build such leads by creating written or visual content and sharing it on a platform that will bring you the maximum audience and responses. 

For any inbound marketing company, organic leads are essential as they promise to draw interest from the ideal leads. Looking for ideal leads to be interested in your product or service is the job done by your digital marketing company. 

Why is it recommended to hire a digital marketing company?

This is because even though the organic Facebook leads would not cost you any money, it is very time-consuming. The majority of it depends on your creativity level, where you put your content up, and how you choose to promote it. Hence, it should get handled by the people who have experience with it. 

 On the contrary, paid Facebook leads are the advertising services you pay for your product to be shown on a specific platform. Paid ads are also called PPC ads. All social media sites provide PPC ads in different forms. You can create customized lead ads in the case of Facebook. 

Five tips to get organic Facebook leads 

Getting organic Facebook leads does not necessarily have to be complicated. Following some of the proven methods will help you find organic Facebook prospects. We have listed below the five ways and tips to help you with the search. 

1. Join Facebook groups for your industry or post links to your website. 

When this social media site announced that there would be more focus on meaningful discussion, it gave out positive results. 

This step meant that Facebook users are now more engaged with essential groups. Facebook has also claimed that four hundred million people are now a part of influential groups. 

We also learned from CNBC that Facebook believed in groups so much that it an approximately ten million dollars for a Superbowl ad. Now that is a great audience and a lot of leads. 

Hence, when such groups already have an active list of interested buyers, why not try and convince them?

2. Optimize your Facebook business page

Since that significant change, the Facebook business page feature improved with more ways to evolve through it. Even though business pages are now turning sophisticated, only creating one will be of no help. 

You need to make that page attractive, available, and accessible to everyone to increase your responses. After all, your focus is to get more and more organic leads using your page. 

As Facebook suggests, you should mainly concentrate on three factors:

  • The business name and description. 
  • Profile photos and cover photos. 
  • Call to action or CTA. 

3. Post content that capitalizes on current events in your industry 

Covering industry trends and events is another good way to bring in more and more organic leads. Your digital marketing company can help you out with the same by keeping track of the newspapers, press releases of the industry, Google trends, trade publications, etc. 

Newsjacking or piggybacking off current events are proved to be efficient because of two reasons. 

  • Firstly if a topic is in front of people’s minds, they might be curious to look for more. 
  • Another reason is that it demonstrates that your company can keep up with the new trends or developing events. 

4. Hold Facebook live events

Even when Facebook provides us with the option of video services, then why use Facebook live? Well, this is why. Facebook live is known to attract more viewers, and your business requires that.

A Facebook live comes with different formats to choose from. Some of the main ones that might prove helpful are:

  • Virtual conferences 
  • Q&As
  • Virtual tours 
  • Staff introductions

Another reason to use Facebook live is that it builds trust as people get to see the faces behind the brand.

5. User-generated content 

User-generated content provides your business with brand authenticity and credibility in the eyes of potential leads. Wouldnt it be great if happy customers feel strongly enough to create content around your brand?

User-generated content or UGC is essential to purchasing decisions, and significant age groups are open to that. 

With these thousands of communities and millions of users, Facebook is a great place to evolve your product and services and gain considerable leads. Even though organic Facebook leads might take longer to show outcomes than paid Facebook leads, it is still compelling enough if the ad or page is built properly.

Here comes the role of the digital marketing company who will know what should be added or removed from the ad so that it brings in a more and more interested audience. 

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