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The Clubhouse App is the newest Social media platform of 2021 by New York’s Mobile app development company. This previously IOS exclusive app recently launched its Android version to download from the play store, and netizens already made it trending. After receiving a series C funding round, the website-less application is now valued at $4 billion reportedly.

For the last couple of years, social media startups, with the help of various mobile app development services, have been coming up with numerous ideas to help people connect with others. While most of them got lost in the crowd, some of them did stand out, and hopefully, Clubhouse is a new player to that team.

Since all existing and successful social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn were somewhat text and picture-based, the internet users all over the world were craving something more distinctive, creative, and intimate. This mobile app development company snatched the opportunity to fill the void with an audio-based chat app, Clubhouse. 

But how does one build an app like Clubhouse?

What are the things that an entrepreneur must consider if they decide to partner up with a mobile app development company, and how much does it cost?

If you have these questions on your mind, keep reading this article. 

What is Clubhouse?

  Clubhouse’s social media app has been on top of the news for a while now. This app was developed in 2020 March. And Clubhouse gained popularity quickly by letting people audio chat in real-time, get together, share their stories with others, or even brainstorm with no other tool.

The Clubhouse has successfully brought media out of social media, thus keeping the social aspect only. This mobile app development company built an app where users join different rooms for interactive sessions. After downloading, a user will have to register their name and put up a profile picture, and they will see the chat rooms created by other users.

There are two types of participants in every room, those who speak and those who listen. While registering, users have muted automatically, but later on, they can unmute themselves if they wish to join the discussion.

The clubhouse is redefining social media presence and engagement for people in the business field and marketing field in many ways. The clubhouse doesn’t depend on produced content but high-value real-time conversations. So, The actual exclusivity factor of Clubhouse which helped it thrive is the invite-only feature.

One can only access this app if an existing user has invited them. Some of the celebrity Clubhouse users inviting others are Jared Leto, Drake, Kevin Hart, Elon Musk. 

After its surge in popularity, there is an increased interest in audio-based social apps. Twitter, Facebook, even Microsoft’s LinkedIn is working to bring a similar experience to their apps. 

The biggest reason for Clubhouse is the features it offers. So, the brand’s mobile development service team has worked on some great new market features, which are as follows.

Features To Add While Developing An App Like Clubhouse

  1. OnboardingThe profile creation process is fundamental. Further, The user gets an invite link, installs the app, and puts their number and name to sign up. So, they can join any room they prefer from the beginning. 
  2. Clubhouse hallwayIt is the main feed of Clubhouse. Users can view the ongoing chat rooms in this hallway. So, the clubs or scheduled rooms that they follow are listed on top of the feed. From the hallway, users can invite, manage profiles, see calendars, and search. 
  3. Rooms- Clubhouse rooms are the place of discussion. It’s like a podcast. So, the Users can see the participants in the room, speaker, moderators, and check their profile. In the room section, users can mute, unmute themselves, leave the discussion and start new. 
  4. Search- Users can type keywords in the search bar to find rooms where speakers hold conversations. 
  5. Clubs–  Like a Facebook group, people can be on clubs with people who share similar interests. There are four types of membership inside clubs- Founders, Admins, Members, Followers. 
  6. Activity- By clicking the ‘Activity tab, you can see the history of your profile, incorporating the members who followed you. When new users from your contact join Clubhouse, it reflects here. 
  7. Notifications- The mobile app development service kept the notification function of Clubhouse relatively easy and intuitive. As soon as you click on the notifications icon, you will see different notifications like new followers, contacts speaking in the room, an invitation into rooms, someone you follow creating a room.
  8. ModerationThe one factor where the mobile app development company of Clubhouse lacks is the moderation section. There have been complaints about the usage of racist,  abusive terms in the chatrooms. There should be proper moderation in chat rooms to prevent people from spreading hate speech, hurting people’s sentiment by using homophobic, transphobic, misogynist language. 

When you’re working with a new mobile app development company, prioritize these features. But to stay ahead of the curve,

You can add more functional elements to your audio streaming app

Such as- 

  •  Screen Sharing With a screen sharing feature, your app will work as a great educational or corporate platform. 
  • Recording While Clubhouse uses FOMO to keep people engaged on their app more by not adding a recording feature, you can discuss with the team of your mobile app development company and add the recording to reduce users’ anxiety and contribute to their app development’s well being. 
  • Subtitles Although Clubhouse got its popular being an audio streaming device. then, you can enhance your app and add a subtitles function to make it user-oriented, so your app works great for educational purposes. To catch more audiences, translate subtitles into different languages. 
  • AI recommendations Use machine learning and AI to recommend new rooms, discuss to users based on their interest. This will increase engagement. 

A Mobile App Development Company Should Follow To Create Similar App

There are few steps to follow that will help you be on the right path if you wish to create an audio streaming app similar to Clubhouse.  

1. Proper market research

To build a successful app that’s useful, you have to research your target audience, the need in the market, study your competitor’s strategy. Find out how they’re catching the audience and use their weakness to build your marketing strategy. 

2. Audience study

The primary step towards your app’s success is learning your audience correctly. First, pick your target audience and then study their necessities, choices, and issues the users might face. Take feedback from as many users as possible before strategizing with your mobile app development service team. Schedule interviews with your probable users and gather data that will help you develop the app. 

3. Attractive and user-friendly Interface

One thing to keep in mind is that there will be an abundance of such apps in the market. To win in that rat race and stand out among the other mobile app development companies, your app design and user experience must be unique. Although an attractive interface design might catch users, it isn’t sufficient to hold onto them. Customers will have different requirements and expectations, and you will have to serve them accordingly to satisfy them. 

Maintaining a proper balance between visual attractiveness and functionality in the interface is tough, but it is required. 

4. Figure out monetization/ How To Earn Money From An App Like Clubhouse

The USB of such apps is making celebrities and famous personalities approachable. It creates many monetizing avenues for any mobile app development company looking to enter the same business model. The Clubhouse is app is already generating revenues in multiple ways. They’re giving out tickets to live talks, asking users to tip speakers, app subscription, and in-app advertising. 

5. Employ a software development team

The next step is finding a software development team to build the app from scratch. Before getting involved in the development process, your team must deal with various techniques like cost estimation, specifying technicalities, business assessment, and project planning. You must hire an efficient team from a good mobile app development service to fix the app-building workflow, design the app idea, figure out the main functionality. Then the group should start working on the MVP. 

6.Work on the MVP

To cut down expenses and reduce time, create an MVP with just the key features and test your app. Because even if you have numerous characteristics to add to your app, it’s impractical to add all of them from the beginning. 

MVPs are released with just the crucial features to boost the user experience, and all the less functional features are removed. MVP helps the developers take feedback and find out fundamental problems with the app to fix them. 

The main complication while building the MVP is determining which feature to add and which to cut down. Make a list of features that will take the least effort but serve the best. Just add the minerals and keep everything else for new updates. 

What is the cost to Develop to Application Like Clubhouse

The cost of a Clubhouse is dependent on many factors. Basically, four elements form the price of this application. 

  • Mobile app design 
  • Features-set 
  • Location of the agency
  • Team size

Social media app MVP: cost and components

An audio-based Social app may include five main stages

1.Software design

A software designer works with a business analyst to develop an app’s unique interface. To come up with the best concept, a business analyst studies similar apps. The software designer comes up with a color palette, a logo, and visual elements like icons to use in the app, creates an MVP design, and presents it to the mobile app development service‘s development team.

2.Software development

Software development is the most challenging and lengthiest stage of startup MVP development. Hence, it requires two or more developers, for- 

front-end: the part where users can see on the screen

back-end: part responsible for processing and database management and server connection. 

A project’s architect or leader to work on the app’s architecture. 

Discuss the technology stack with the development team. Decide if you want to use the most popular JavaScript frameworks for UI development (Angular, React). For the back-end, the Node.js framework or PHP  language might be suitable. 

The complexity of the built solution will decide the number of developers required. 

3.Streaming APIs integration

API is an application programming interface. This is an intermediary that provides a connection between multiple software apps. When a user opens Clubhouse to join a room to listen to speakers, they use external services connected to the API.

 4.Software testing

While software developers write code, build your app, software testers ensure the quality of your app Software tester checks if every feature is functional and meeting expectations. 

5. Maintenance/Update

Regular maintenance, permanent support are mandatory to keep your app intact and going. If you’re not highly skilled in software development, you require a team at your hand.

Users keep wanting new things. So after launching MVP and getting investors, you have to work on the app’s improvement constantly. 

Moreover, the app cost highly depends on the country of your mobile app development company. Outsourcing a mobile app development service from a famous country is cheaper. Similarly, cost varies from organization to organization, on OS. iOS development costs higher than Android. 

Wrapping it Up! 

After the pandemic, the market of apps has increased exponentially. However, a fully audio-based social media product is still a very new idea in the sector. So now is the perfect time to exploit this domain before it becomes mainstream. Nonetheless, just making an audio app will not suffice. To ensure success, you have to add unique and attractive features, use modern technology and hire highly efficient developers to build your Clubhouse application. 

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