How to create a Mobile Application like Uber in 2021

Features to keep in the app for the passengers
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Since you have started reading this article, we assume that you are interested in creating a Mobile App like Uber. The first thing that you would require for that is a mobile app development company. Such companies provide mobile app development services, i.e., it helps you develop an app for your service or business. Well, if you are here with questions about the mobile app development companies that would help you build an app like Uber, we got you all covered. 

The bigger the city, the worse is the traffic. Hence, people now often seem to prefer pool car services like Uber, which saves them from added traffic if they would have traveled in their respective cars and cuts the cost to some considerable amount. This increasing demand for shared or personal cab rides convinces entrepreneurs to start their cab services. There are still places for new cab services that could be good enough to beat or be equal to Uber. 

How many apps are required?

When making a cab sharing app, it is connecting the drivers to the passengers. The following are the basic ones you need to build for the purpose to be solved.

Driver App

This app is for the drivers to share their present location and find the optimal rides, and get paid for the service they provide. It consists of basic features like real-time, trip details, scheduled requests, tools for tracking payment, etc. Make sure to choose the best mobile app development company that knows about all such work correctly. 

Passenger App

Again, as the name itself suggests, this app is for users to request cab rides. The essential features of this app would include the real-time matching of the user and the driver, real-time ride updates, extra security with verified profiles, easy-to-use payment options, etc. The company providing you with mobile app development services would introduce you to the details of the app. 

Admin Panel for the App Owner 

This function is also a part of the mobile app development company’s mobile app development services that are responsible for building the app. The process generally is available in the form of a web-based admin panel. The advantage of such a feature is that it can be accessed from any browser. To build a successful cab service app, the admin panel is the most crucial component. It should also be made customizable. 

Features to keep in the app for the passengers

Basic Features:

  • Routing and geolocation. 
  • Connecting to the driver through call or text directly from the app.
  • Ride status.
  • The cost estimation of the ride. 
  • Payment methods.
  • Push notifications. 
  • Personal data management and registration. 
  • Personal profile. 

Advanced features:

  • Booking a cab for someone else. 
  • Scheduling advance cab rides.
  • Splitting ride fare with other passengers. 

Features to keep in the app for the drivers 

Basic Features:

  • Reporting of the driver.
  • Optimization of the route.
  • Option to choose Active/Inactive. 
  • Reports of bookings and earnings on a daily or monthly basis. 
  • Contacting the passenger directly from the app by calling or texting. 
  • Ride states.
  • Estimated fare of the ride.
  • Push notifications.
  • Personal data management and registration. 
  • Personal profile. 

Advanced Features:

  • No cost cancellation within a set period. 
  • Sophisticated heatmaps and reporting. 

What does the Uber admin dashboard mainly perform? 

Functions Performed

  • Adding or removing admins. 
  • Managing the privileges of the admin. 
  • Browsing the driver’s list.
  • Updating the data of the drivers. 
  • Verification of the drivers. 
  • Changing the fare of the ride.

Revenue models for an app like Uber

The trick about uber is that it does not own many vehicles but still earns so much profit. The thing they do is to play the mediator between the two, the passenger and the driver. The company is known to charge 25 percent of the fare. This 25 percent includes the use of the software, credit card commissions, collection, and transfer of the fare, sending the bill to the customer, etc. Also, this does not necessarily mean that the cab service app you build has to follow the same thing. 

When building an app like Uber, keep in mind hiring A-grade mobile app development company that can provide mobile app development services good enough to stand out in the market competing with Uber. 

If you are making an application like Uber, make sure to develop a few monetary models for profit, such as:

  • Charging fares from the users.
  • Charging money from the drivers. 
  • Integration with other apps and services. 
  • In-app advertisements. 

Seven phases of uber like the app development process 

Choose a company for the design and development of the app

Search for a company that would fulfill your requirements and makes an app for you. A good app design can make or break your business. In this generation, all individuals have incurred a taste for pretty things around. Your app must look luring enough to let people enjoy using it as well. Sign an Independent Contractor Agreement with the company after finalizing the deal. 

Product discovery – describe what you want to build, for whom and why

Determining your app’s vision and defining what the product is supposed to offer and for whom. Deciding on the essential features to keep, the monetization models, platforms the app is going to work on, etc., are essential things to keep in mind while making the app. 

UX/UI app design – determine how the app will look and work

For creating an uber like app, the mobile app development services should include a user journey map, an attractive visual user interface, and efficiently operate clickable wireframes, motion designs, etc. 

Project kick-off and set up – the final preps before the start of the development of the app

To make the cab service app faster and easier to use, we have to ensure that the product owner knows all about the app development team. Every role of the project must be defined appropriately, agreements signed, setting the project environment, etc.

App development quality assurance 

Continuous integration while app production: planning, coding, building, testing, and repeat. This is to ensure quality assurances at every step of building the cab services app. The Scrum framework is generally followed by the app development company that divides the work into short iterations and each followed by a demo.

Preparing and publishing the app on Google play store and Apple store

Publishing the app also includes beta testing and uploading assets acquired by law and other promotional materials. It also includes optimizing the product store/page present. And everything else that would help the app to run as smoothly as possible. It is good to prepare for the launch if you want the app to make an impression. 

Post-development phase – maintenance of the app and further developments

Detecting app crashes, product betterment, tracking the app’s statistics, etc. To keep up with an app like Uber, your app should be open for developments based on customer feedback and market situations. 

Since we have reached the end of our article, to sum it all up, making an app like Uber is not a very tough job. If appropriately maintained with advanced mobile app development services, it can bring in good fortune. The most luring reason for making such an app is that Uber has no such competitor. If you manage to make an app as good or even better, your product could be a great stand out in the market. 

Also, in the initial part of this article, we saw how the demand for such services is rising. All of these reasons are convincing enough to invest in something like this. 

We hope that the article solved almost all your doubts about developing an Uber-like app. The seven steps process is the most important thing to follow in the whole process.

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  • Joel Sudeep

    This Blog is very informative and useful for all those mobile app creators out there. This was very helpful for me, as I got many tips and tricks to create a Mobile App as in 2021

  • Joel Sudeep

    This Blog is very informative and useful for all those mobile app creators out there. This was very helpful for me, as I got many tips and tricks to create a Mobile App as in 2021

  • Joan

    Very Informative!!