What is the difference between UX and UI design?

How do UX and UI work together?
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What is User Interface (or) UI design?

To appeal to the human senses, UI Designers design a graphical layout of an application/website that consists of a series of transitions, sliders, images, and interface animations using some computerized devices and software tools.

The Basic objective of UI design is to provide customers

  1. A user-friendly environment that is enjoyable and memorable 
  2. Easy to interpret with an exhilarating experience

UI Design

UI design is important to meet users’ effective interaction with the program. A well-executed User Interface(UI) is the support system for the influential practicality of the site.

In today’s world, User Interface (UI) encompasses more digital products such as the appearance of a desktop, screen, keyboard, mouse, and an application or a website design.

In this world of advanced technology, we have different kinds of user interface that includes:-

  1. Touch User Interface
  2. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  3. Voice User Interface (VUI)

It is interesting to know that you are using UI for reading this article. So we can say that it is the interaction between humans and machines. In the 80s, UI was first developed by Xerox PARC and the first commercial use of the interface was developed by Apple when the company released its Macintosh, in 1984.

What is User Experience (or) UX design?

UX Design

User Experience(UX) Design, as the name itself suggests, is the experience of a user when he/she is availing oneself to use a product or service of the company. This is the most often term to be heard in the domain of web/application.

Every user wants a smooth and intuitive experience upon using a service, such as

  • smooth navigation through the panel
  • relevant and meaningful experience
  • integration of product
  • usability
  • the functionality of the service or product

The easy and sleek design of an app/web, and not to inflict too much complexity on design. So It will be on the company’s side. The overall experience of a customer or user is mainly dependent upon how much he/ she is satisfied with the service that has been provided.

Improving service/product with which the user interacts in order to make it enduring, easily accessible with understandability. So that interaction between the consumer and the product becomes hassle-free.

All this user-friendly experience depends on the critical thinking or the creative thinking of a UX designer.

The well-established UX design should be based on what the consumer likes to consume, his/her needs, Research, and mainly encompasses the interface design and visual design of an app/web.

What is the difference between UX and UI design?

If you are in the Tech World,

UI/UX Design is most often heard and most probably you were familiar with. We required both UI/UX Design in creating and crafting appropriate designs for our website/app.

However, to create an excellent user interface experience, we prioritized the pair of UI/UX design and used them accordingly to build winning products. Together, UX and UI help designers to solve the puzzle when it comes to serving customers with the best loving products.

We can consider the UI/UX Design as 2 parts of a Brain, in which UI Designing mainly functions with digital products. And it delights users by its effectiveness like the appearance of the website, images, animations, etc. While UX Design deals with both digital and physical products that delight users aesthetically.

A UI Design enables a person or customer to interact with a product or service with a series of screens, pages, visual elements, icons, buttons, etc. On the other hand, UX Design searches for the best possible solution to getting engaged customers with the service/product.

In short, we can say that UX Design focuses on the journey of a user. While UI Design focuses on looks. In conclusion, UI/UX Design are two terms that mean different things but are often interdependent and interchangeable.

How do UX and UI work together?

How UI/UX Design Works

Up to this, we have come across with all the basic knowledge of what UI/UX Design means, and we also get the objective of the application. You may wonder that UX is more important than UI or vice versa, but the reality is both are more or less equally important.

A company needs both a smooth interface and at the same time also assure that the interface looks good rather than being clunky or weird.

In today’s market of digitalization, the use of the right aspect of both tools is absolutely a must. Using both UI/UX acts as a collaborative tool together Can attract customers and can create a pathway for a fantastic end-product. UX focuses on the journey of a user, while you’re focused on the looks and design of the interface. UI design always has to happen after UX design.

The UX designers team first focus on

  • ease of use
  • the best User experience
  • understandability 
  • functionality

The UI Designers team can focus on

  • the overall look 
  • presentation of the interface
  • finalizing the visual design

Both UI/UX focus on similar things and can coherently work with each other. They might be found similar, but they are unique in their own way and play different roles in crafting the overall design and interface.

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