Benefits of PPC Advertising

Benefits that significantly impact PPC with SEO
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Benefits of PPC Advertising

Every other business in the industry is looking for a low-cost and high-impact advertising option. Especially during this CoronaVirus pandemic, things have been tough for businesses internally and financially.

Potential customers spend more time online than otherwise, yet businesses are being tight on their marketing budgets.

The most probable question that would come into a businessman’s mind is “Should I stop advertising or keep on going?”

We at Hexode IT Solutions have helped various clients with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to put their brand in front of millions of users on the internet and have been successful so far in doing so accordingly.

What is PPC or Pay Per Click?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of advertising where you need to pay a small to someone when your ads get clicked.

Here you are only paying for the traffic these ads generate and you need not spend relentlessly on any estimated impressions. This happens to be one of the best options for businesses that need complete control over their performance and budget.

The most popular forms of advertising are Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads. These are, however, mainly dependent on the provided search volume and number of options. Google has been one of the most successful in doing these PPC campaigns.

There are mainly three types of Google Ads with their PPC rates and efficiency:

1. Search the network

These ads are text-based that appear on Google Search Results. Some examples of such ads are sponsored links, shopping page ads, etc.

2. Display network

These are image-based ads displayed on various websites where the audience in correspondence to your services visits. These ads are mainly manifested in the form of a banner, sidebar, or footer image.

3. Video

These are video-based ads that feature before or after YouTube content is being played. The best PPC ad campaign works directly on a potential customer who is interested in your services. This can occur due to merely purchasing your product from your eCommerce store or any other type of lead generation, such as form submission, quote request, etc.

What are the Benefits of  PPC Advertising?

We have put together some of the probable reasons which mentioned the advantage of PPC or Pay Per Click marketing. These benefits will surely help you to survive the Coronavirus pandemic and help your business grow in the meantime.

1. Targeted Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising campaigns provide you with total control of your budget, targeting, and ad placements. Due to the upbringing of PPC campaign optimization, you would surely get to see a fine place between your budget and results.

There are mainly three types of targeted advertising:

Search targeting

This is the most common type of targeted advertising where an ad is shown on a search engine results page (SERP), and the user can determine the quality and potential influence on the ad which would likely allow them to purchase by viewing the ad.

Now the question arises, how do you know that your ad would be shown on SERP? This can be achieved by bidding on keywords. Keywords are specific phrases on platforms like Google and Bing, which show up with whatever we search for.

Many other factors such as keyword match types, negative keywords, and keywords bids determine your ad’s appearance for a particular query inputted by the web user.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

These campaigns are relatively new to the PPC playground and are quite different from keyword targeting. The working procedure requires you to providing your website, and the search engine will match the users’ queries and show your website if it matches with them. The content of your website determines any ad campaign. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you allow the platform to scan all pages, a few pages, or specifically point out which pages they should look into.

Display targeting

This campaign on Google Display Network (GDN) comes mainly in two categories: content and audience. Content targeting focuses on the content of your page or website, whereas audience targeting focuses on telling Google to show up for the concerned people who might be in requirement for your services.

2. Reach the right people at the right time

Organic marketing focuses on getting your website on the first page of Google Search Results. This is entirely different from PPC advertising. Benefits of PPC Advertising: Getting on top of the organic search rankings for keywords usually takes months. Organic growth is necessary for achieving long-term brand recognition, however, often business people require instant results. This is where PPC can help.

Our agency can help you create an adequate Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for your business, which will start to bring quite a reasonable amount of traffic to your business instantly. You can maintain the following mentioned points, you can get Benefits of PPC Advertising:

Initially, you need to be very careful while choosing the right set of keywords, increasing conversions, and creating the best ad messages. These would help you a lot with your PPC campaign. Setting a preferred budget would bring on better conclusions.

Once you have selected a budget for your PPC ad campaign, you can now be willing to spend the amount as per your requirement. You need to work with known professionals in this industry who can bring effective and outstanding results. Benefits of PPC Advertising: As PPC is an easy way to reach your preferred target audience in the fastest way possible, you can get in contact with us, and we will make sure that your business reaches a flawless goal without any hassle.

3. Measurable ROI

As you already know, everything can be measured, improved, and monetized. Benefits of PPC Advertising: Unlike other ad campaigns, PPC campaigns are easy to keep track of, so you can quickly improve your ads accordingly until they start producing a positive ROI. For example, let’s say, you are investing $1 for one ad.

Upon clicking on your ad by any web user, you will be receiving $4, so eventually, you would never require spending more on PPC than your returns. Our agency has worked with various ad strategies to bring forth the best one that would work for your business. We prefer to call this our “UNIQUE SENSE OF APPROACH” to determine what sort of business you own and act accordingly.

4. Brand exposure

Many metrics need to be taken into consideration before improving your brand exposure via PPC advertising.

Some significant factors are as follows:

  • Impressions: This is referred to the number of views your ad got.
  • Clicks: This is referred to the number of people who engaged with your ad.
  • Bounce rate: This is referred to as the amount of non-spam traffic.

Bounce rate isn’t considered since it is just the traffic related to your brand exposure. However, the real problem lies when people look for known retailers when purchasing any product. So in theory, the effect of your brand exposure via PPC advertising should have high CTRs, higher conversion rates, and potentially more brand searches. These factors tend to fluctuate a lot and can be really hard to attribute to anything directly.

5. Immediate impact

When you are coming to long-term SEO, your keyword’s density needs to be significantly considered. When organic keywords aren’t available due to hidden privacy issues, there are no restrictions for paid searches, which means you get a complete overview of the keywords that require conversion for a cost and percentage.

The following are some benefits that significantly impact PPC with SEO:

  • Increase in the search results visibility.
  • PPC data can inform SEO strategies.
  • Pay-per-click data can improve your SEO content.
  • PPC and SEO can combat negative PR.
  • PPC provides valuable targeting info for your campaigns.

Popular PPC statistics

If you are still not sure whether PPC advertising is beneficial for your business, here are some provided statistics:

  • Over 40,000 searches are made through Google Search Engine every second.
  • In the year 2017, 7 million advertisers spent $10 billion on PPC advertising.
  • The Google Display Network comprises 2 million websites.
  • 63% of the web users would click on an ad displayed by Google.
  • 75% of web users find it easy to obtain information via advertisements.
  • According to a recent study, Google estimates that PPC can increase brand awareness by 80%.
  • For local searches, 25% of search result clicks claims ads.
  • According to the geographic location, local businesses that target their services are successful in increasing their sales by 107%.
  • 87% of businesses invest in social advertising.
  • 69% of mobile users search for a local business when opting-in for any service.

Why should you hire a PPC Advertising agency?

PPC advertising has been gaining much popularity in recent times due to the ever-expanding industry and businesses. Whatever might be your strategy before six months might not work anymore. This is why agencies like Hexode IT Solutions have the latest knowledge and the best professionals in the industry who know how to reach your audience online.

As a businessman, you probably wouldn’t want to invest your precious time trying to understand the world of online advertising and how it works. Instead, you need to focus on keeping your business intact and let the experts handle the advertising partly on your behalf. If you hire a renowned PPC management agency, it will be easier for you to manage your ads and much more cost-effective than training an in-house team.

Our experts have years of experience and efficient knowledge of search engines and social advertising. So worry not, once you get in touch with us, you will receive the best service from our end at an optimal cost!

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