All You Need to Know About Sitelink Extensions  

Advantages of Sitelink Extensions
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What is a site link extension?  

The main reason for creating site link extensions with the help of the PPC Management company in Meerut is to increase the number of links to ads. Sitelink extensions lead people to particular pages on a website, like a flash sale hour or a specific product. By tapping or clicking on the links, visitors can redirect to a different page. The page that has the information they need or the thing they want to buy.

If you are curious about site link extensions and PPC marketing in Meerut, then you are at the right place. In this blog, I am going to talk about how the site link extension works. Stick with it, and you will learn how the PPC experts make them appear in proper campaigns. Before learning about the functionality, let me tell you why you should choose it.   

Advantages of Sitelink Extensions

1. It is easy to update

 You can alter the URLs and link text how you like, whenever you wish to keep them up-to-date. This will help you in times of special discounts or sales. There is not any need to create new ads. Editing old links to add site links is unnecessary as well. Whatever change you want in your site link, PPC experts in Meerut can help you with it.  

 2. Shows data in details 

 If you need to find how many times people clicked on your ad when the site link popped, you can do that. PPC management agency in Meerut allows you to break down each campaign’s statistics. You can also check ad groups or specific ad statistics through a PPC service company. Divide your statistics, and you will be able to find the exact number of clicks.

In addition, you can compare the number of clicks on the individual site link with different parts of the ad. With the PPC management company in Meerut, you can see the contrast between them.  

 3. Landing page conversion track

PPC services company in Meerut sets up the conversion tracking in landing pages. A landing page is where clicking site links underneath the ads lead people to. In fact, PPC experts usually optimize the landing pages to make the conversion events light. An example of light conversion would be an “add to cart” option or a simple website browsing.   

 4. No more losing data

 PPC management agency in Meerut can edit your site link extensions without losing data. So, They do not reset or format site links’ statistics and performance data. So, you can edit the site link but also keep everything you need.  

5. Mobile customization

PPC services company in Meerut optimizes site links for mobiles, creates mobile-specific site links. In addition, they help your ads show on mobile devices.   

 6. Schedule

PPC experts can schedule site links with a specific date, day of the week, or even time of the day. The site links will be functioning only at the scheduled time.   

The functionality of site link extensions

Sitelinks sit on the throne of the AdWords ad extension kingdom of PPC marketing in Meerut. As of today, site links’ versatility is unmatchable by any other extensions. So, You can use them for all vertical accounts. They are easy to make pop on every device. First, You can hire a PPC services company in Meerut and they can use site links to say anything in the ad. Never did any account enable site link extension and not had yielded higher CTRs.

According to Google, Sitelinks increases ad CTR by more than 20%. Your PPC experts can add site link extensions to your account, group or campaign. All you do is mention the link text that people see. And you tell the URLs of the pages people click. Sometimes Google ends up helping in the process.

Google adds descriptions to your site link. This is the information that you gave about the pages. You can provide this detail to the PPC management company in Meerut when creating the site links. You can also offer them during editing.

Otherwise, google takes information from your account by itself. Google uses information related to specific site links. By this method of showing extra details, your ads stay more relevant.

Potential customers see these details and get attracted. If PPC experts make the sitelinks from a basic level, they will perform better. Higher-level site link extensions never win over basic-level ones. Campaign level sitelinks consistently score less than the ones created for the ad group.   

PPC services company in Meerut makes sure to associate the new site link at the proper level. It is the most crucial step to make sure the site link serves its practical purpose. But you can ask PPC experts in Meerut not to pick any site links to show for one ad group.   

 A single site link extension can serve many purposes. For example, you can add one extension to any campaign or ad group. You can even associate a single extension to an entire account.

How the site link extensions may look

There are so many different ways a site link may appear. It depends on various factors. Sitelink extension’s appearance depends upon the device, positioning. It depends on other factors as well. So, They are compatible with a variety of search campaigns. PPC marketing in Meerut makes site link extensions compatible with video campaigns on YouTube.   

Different search campaigns  

When somebody searches for something in Google, they can see site link extensions.   

The site link extensions come up in the google ads at the top or bottom portions of search results. It would be best to ask the PPC management agency in Meerut to add at least two sitelink extensions for the desktop.

And for the mobile version, at least one site link extension is mandatory. This is a necessity for the site links to show in the ads. The ad is the deciding factor for how many site links will be visible for people.   


For people using a desktop to search, there will be six sitelinks visible with the ad. How the sitelinks appear can differ from time to time. They can come in one line, or they may take up two lines of the ad.   


There can be up to 8 site links for the mobile search engines that appear with your ad. In mobiles, the site links show up side by side on one line. They can also occur in a carousel format. The audience has to swipe on the carousel in the left or right direction. That lets them browse through the different sitelinks.

PPC management agency in Meerut can put your ads in the topmost position of the search result page. So, This enables your site links to appear in a very prominent place. This central row allows only one site link to appear on every line.   

Video campaigns

For video campaigns on YouTube, relevant YouTube ads show site link extensions. In this scenario, site link extensions appear below ads that play during, before videos. Or sometimes, these ads play after another video on YouTube. For mobile devices, only eligible ads can show sitelinks under them.

For video campaigns, the PPC services company in Meerut adds two site link extensions. This is the least amount for them to show up below the ad. At the most, your ad can present four site links. There are options to choose site links when one watches the ad. They can browse and select one they wish to visit.   

Albeit, site links are not allowed to show up in Google Video Partner’s video campaigns.   

The Cost of Sitelink extensions

The expense of adding site link extensions varies for search campaigns and video campaigns. 

Search Campaigns

For search results, site link extensions are 100% free to add by the PPC Management agency in Meerut. You need to pay only for the number of clicks they get. The more people view the ad and click on the site link. the more payment you make. The expense of one click on a site link is the same as that of the ad’s headline. That means the cost will not be different for landing pages or site links for the same ad.

When someone clicks any of the links, you will have to pay. There are better chances that the site link provides for you. When a customer clicks on and within your ad, there will be two clicks at most per ad for which they can charge you.  

Although, if a customer clicks on two or more links within a short period, that is not valid. While watching an ad, if a customer clicks more than one link with swift, this will be seen as disabled. There will not be any charge for this scenario.   

Video campaigns

When a PPC services company adds site link extensions to your video campaigns, the cost is different from search campaigns. In this case, the charge depends on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. Every 1000 times people watch the video, and your ad gets played, you have to make payment. Ask your PPC expert in Meerut to add site link extensions to your video campaign. As it reduces your cost per action (CPA), hence it is the cheaper choice.   

Few dos and do not to keep in my mind while adding site link extensions to improve your PPC ad: 

There are a set of rules to know that enhance the performance of sitelinks extensions. And there are things that one should avoid as much as possible. 

Do’s to remember

  • Keep short and crisp – Google advertisers allow 25 characters in the description. But using them all is not recommended. PPC experts aim for 18-20 characters for desktop links, 12-15 for mobile. According to Google, concise links work better.  
  • Make site links for Bing adPPC marketing in Meerut ports site link extensions to Bing Ads. Bing Ads offers every extension as AdWords and then some more. Therefore, it does not need new writing. 
  • Enhanced Sitelinks for the win – with enhanced site links, PPC experts in Meerut allow you to include way more details with a specific change. With these enhanced site links, you can add two description lines for one link. In addition, it gives you a chance to add mini-ads for each link. 
  • Checking up on your links – The worst thing you could do to your customer and your brand is lead them to the wrong page. To see an ad for the exact item you want, land on an error page is the most annoying thing ever. It is a waste of money and impression. PPC services company in Meerut makes sure to update the site links to prevent this. Every time the landing page and the ad get updated, they check up on the site links to see if they are working or not.  
  • The guidelines – Even though it seems very obvious, people often forget to follow this. There are a set of rules, guidelines that AdWords has on their policy for headlines and site links. Not abiding by them leads to disapproved site links. The PPC management agency in Meerut always sticks to the protocol of not using emojis or any symbols. Dynamic keyword or exclamation point insertion is also against the policy. 
  • Start and end date for time-sensitive links – Sitelinks are the perfect choice for holiday sales. They are the best way to advertise for special offers, limited-time discounts. But they can be time-sensitive. To make sitelinks disappear after a specific time, PPC experts use scheduling options.

The Don’ts for site link extensions

  • Setting and forgetting – Sitelinks are not very high maintenance. Still, checking in on them once in a while is essential. PPC service company in Meerut ensures examining site links to check their performance. They constantly check on the impressions, the click-through rate, and the conversion rate. 
  • Be redundant These days, there are endless ways to make your ad copy more efficient. Google has included a complete set of brand-new extensions. They allow you double spaces than before now to go on and on about your product. However, it is a tricky business. Increasing the word count can be beneficial but only when done with caution. PPC experts in Meerut prepare you for the long run and see the bigger picture. They create an attractive site link with a correct proposition, so you do not miss out on any chances. It lets you keep a free window for adding more to your ad in the future.

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