#5 best social media marketing platforms in 2021

Social media marketing (SMM) is a branch of Internet marketing campaigns
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Introduction to Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The world of the internet has brought a very credible change in the marketing scope. With over 4.5 billion people having access to the internet, it has made businesses, organizations, groups reach people in a split of seconds. Additionally, It has given a powerful voice to every individual.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a branch of Internet marketing campaigns, used to promote a service or product in a robust way so that it is able to create an impact on consumers.

SMM platforms provide a Dias to individual and various businesses, where both consumer and service providers can link directly and consummate their requirements from each other.

Service providers may detect buying signals for their product or service from running advertisements on social media channels. A great marketing on social media has the ability to generate leads, profit in sales from the audience of focus.

There are many social media marketing (SMM), opting for any few of them is very hard because each and every channel is growing at an exponential rate and has its own capabilities to drive an audience. But for your shake, we’ve brought you the 6 best SMM platforms:-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Quora


If you are eager to flourish your product or service across a massive number of people from miscellaneous backgrounds in just a split second, Facebook is that social media platform you should practice on a daily basis.

If you are eager to flourish your product or service across a massive number of people from miscellaneous backgrounds in just a split second, Facebook is that social media platform you should practice on a daily basis.

More than 2.6 billion active users globally visit this full of entertainment media in a month.

It is the largest social media platform worldwide. Marketing of product and service is cost effective in this Dias, running one advertisement cost not more than $5.99, which itself has a wide reach of consumers.

Therefore, it is available for small businesses as well as for individuals. Facebook provides the highest rate of investment (ROI) which makes it to being listed in the world top 3 traffic dodgers.

However, if you provide a service or product for a specific age group of people, then also Facebook is able to meet your expectations. Over half of the audience in this media is teenagers, aged between 18-30.

Facebook was the first one of its kind to provide an advertising rig. It has targeted advertisements, and it has brought a new concept in social media marketing called SMM e-commerce integration. This SMM e-commerce integration rig provides business says organisations to connect directly with consumers through chat box comments sections, posts, videos.

Another mileage of this media platform is you can measure your growth with inbuilt insight tools

  • Track Like/Dislike
  • Engagement
  • Drove traffic
  • Past experiences
  • Other actions


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media across the globe. Approx one billion active users visit Instagram on a monthly basis, making it one of the most popular social media channels.

This media not only provides you with Marketing on a regular basis, but also you can grow your brand by telling your brand’s story with engaging visual media, creating catchy posts, videos.

In this media, you don’t have to do hard work in search of a target audience, as the audience themselves follow the area of their interest. It has a strong feature of story addition. About 500 million users interact with each other as stories on a daily basis, so you can use this feature in your favor in doing successful marketing.

Best tips to grow or promote your brand on Instagram are:-

  • Follow and use hashtags
  • Optimize bio
  • Collab with influencers
  • Create content
  • Add story

Instagram has also come with inbuilt analytic tools, which you can use to measure your growth within the media.


LinkedIn is a community of professional people looking for jobs, internship. Organizations who are hiring intern, potential employees also use LinkedIn. Sometimes, people call it as the professional’s Facebook.

However, its uses are not merely confined within hiring and getting hired rather than many businesses, organizations use LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

Its algorithms have a massive reach on educated people. It has over 660 million active users. However, as LinkedIn provides a community of well-defined audience therefore in order to make funnel of sales your goals and vision should also be defined.

LinkedIn is in one advertising platform where you can run from sponsored content, DirectText, self-service ad campaigns.

And in order to monitor your performance, LinkedIn provides a page analytics tool. Like Instagram, LinkedIn also provides additional resources such as story features, LinkedIn campaign management, Biography.

Therefore, it is a very auxiliary tool for both b2c and B2B companies to find potential clients whom they can show their service or products.


Twitter is the fifth largest used social media with over 1 45 million daily active users and about 500 million tweets are made in a day

People use Twitter to share interesting post videos articles in order to gain engagement and make more and more followers. However, a brand that does want to market can use this platform as a potent marketing tool for its objectives.

Approaching the target audience with an accurate plan of action using proper Twitter hashtags and trends that revolve around your product will surely attract an audience and generate leads.

Well executed content curation is the key to achieve success in this media platform.

You have to regularly post, tweet, retweet, comment, and mention the audience in keeping the interest of the audience in mind.

Use the search function of Twitter in order to get more knowledge and experience about what your audience would like to hang out with.

People will get you recognised easily. So, use proper brand name, bio, links, niche and hashtags. Utilising the Twitter advertisement smartly would be more beneficial because you can add links to your post that you want to send for advertisement and can redirect your audience directly to your website page.

Don’t feel lazy, make a habit of getting familiar yourself with your audience’s response, try to mention their name if possible, this would build your brand trust as well as value.


Quora is another one of the best social media marketing platforms that should be included in your marketing strategies.

Basically, it is a platform where users post questions related to their problems. Questions might be about acquiring knowledge of some special field, organization, and services.

Here, mainly questions here start with “how, why, whom, when, etc.

You can use this platform to directly contact the audience of particular interest and slowly grow your presence. You can talk about your services, values , experience, goals, and visions. However, you can add your website link, page link. But keep in mind that spam link, affiliate links are strictly prohibited here.

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